first-class vs. business: is it worth the extra cost? - retractable wall

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first-class vs. business: is it worth the extra cost?  -  retractable wall
If you would like a direct flight from Tokyo to London and would like the suite to provide privacy, be prepared to pay up to $27,000 at all Japanese airlines or Japanese airlines.
Or just turn it into a slum in ANA business class for $9,000.
If you don't mind a little less privacy, for just $4,900, you'll be able to take the same route to the business class on Virgin Atlantic and still get a lot of pampering.
If you still insist on first class, but don't mind a stop, you can take southbound for $11,465. Amazing first-
Difference between first class air podsand business-
Fares can be large, but what do first class passengers get from the extra money?
More importantly, first class is worth all the extra cha-for those who can call-ching?
You don't see the first class of elufthansa: the retractable wall between seats can separate passengers.
Getty Pictures House
London has ranked first so far
Class fares recently found on three main routeschecked by CNN.
However, the price fluctuation of the "open suite" flight first class or business class with lies --
According to whether you fly directly or one class, the flat bed is very different.
Stop and enjoy the care you want in the air and on the ground.
Tourist attractions in New York
Typical Frankfurt route.
If you are on your way to Big Apple to take first class from Frankfurt, there are a lot of extra benefits in addition to the benefits you get on the plane.
10 ways to improve the tourism industry Lufthansa Airlines first provided-
Special lounge for passengers in Frankfurt and a hearty dinner before boarding
If customers prefer to sleep rather than dine on board, fly at night.
The lounge also offers beds, shower facilities, office space, special safety checks, and a limousine with a driver directly to the aircraft, allowing passengers to avoid elbow contact with ordinary people who purchase business --
Tickets for classes or coaches.
However, if you board at any other Lufthansa city, you are out of luck.
Only in Frankfurt.
First class passengers enjoy such ground allowance.
Once on board, it is difficult to tell the difference between first and business, in addition to the obvious difference: Suite and more spaceflat seat.
The food is rich and the wine is free.
Don Buckenburg, general manager of North American sales at Lufthansa, said many airlines offer a closed space with doors, creating a passenger's own cabin.
"When we develop first-class products, we ask customers that our customers like open space, but they also like privacy," Buckenburg said . ".
"You have a seat, but there is a wall that separates you.
If you press a button, a wall will appear.
"Retractable walls allow couples or peers to decide whether to connect or separate. Skip the pasta!
Other Annoying facts about airplane food are
The class value difference in business class is space, privacy, larger, longer, wider seating, and extra crew per passenger in first class.
In addition, according to bukenburg, flight attendants are specially trained to serve first class, know how to "read" passengers in different ways, and know the wine and menu accurately
"We are one of the last airlines to offer caviar," Buckenburg said . ".
First class may be out of date and that's not your hotel.
This is the first bathroom to use.
Passengers on Emirates A380.
Agence France-Presse/Getty ImagesBuckenburg admitted that not all markets can support first-class services, and Lufthansa only offers business and coaching services.
Mary Kirby, editor of Air Passenger Experience (APEX)
Believe in the first magazine and blog
The value proposition of the class is not only decreasing, but also the class will disappear within five years.
The trend of lies
Flat seats in business class, along with amenities similar to first, reduce the value of first, she said.
The opposition of Moon World's Favorite airportsLufthansa Buckenburg.
There is still a section of the passenger area that requires the privacy of the suite.
He said the ceo, the financial and Hollywood type will pay first class fees for the on-board experience and for the airport service privileges they retain.
"Lufthansa has invested a considerable amount of money in maintaining a leading position.
Because many airlines are moving out of first class.
"There is not enough traffic to keep it safe," Buckenburg said . ".
"There is still a segment that is willing to pay for first class.
Demand is still there, but not everywhere.
"United Airlines is still a mix.
Manchester United have largely supported first, business and the economy (
And the value-added economy recently launched)model.
Mainland airlines favor two
First class business and economy.
The traditional mainland aircraft "high-end economy" is still only two categories in the long and short term.
Manchester United's Boeing 747 is at three levels.
About half of the combined Boeing 777 aircraft are three and the other half are two.
Manchester United spokesman Rahsaan Johnson said: "It's not so much about what we think of values as customers who buy values . ".
"Some customers appreciate and value all the attributes of global first (
Manchester United's name-class).
Ultimately, pricing is a function of the customer's needs and value for the service.
"In short, there are customers who choose to pay for this additional privacy, extra space, extra luxury and more premium personalized service.
"There are 10 of the largest airport lounges in the world, but Manchester United also said it was not a long time --
The first is the transportation route. class service.
"The value proposition of lies --
"The level of the first phase has been significantly reduced," said Kirby of APEX . ".
"That's why many airlines choose to be single --
Excellent service.
That's why you'll see Lufthansa take the lead in withdrawing in some markets, and even Emirates is considering going all out --
Business on A380.
"Blurred the line between the elite and the business elite?
Business First class seats on the United Airlines Boeing 787 Dreamliner.
Getty ImagesVirgin Atlantic, which started operations in 1984, has never provided a first-class service.
Instead, its business class is named the upper layer, the first
Business Products-
The price of the course, said spokeswoman Anna kazibol.
"The design of the upper suite is separate, with both the most comfortable beds and the most comfortable seats," says Catchpole . ".
"Instead of extending from the seat to the bed, Virgin Atlantic's seat provides passengers with a luxurious leather armchair to relax and flip to a separate bed, there is a mattress on the bed.
"Back in the early days of the Boeing 747 service, Virgin offered an upscale bar area with all prices well below the first
Class at other operators.
Virgin's Upper Class passengers can also benefit from ground facilities at some airports.
A short walk from Virgin Atlantic Club at London Heathrow Airport, you can take a limousine and a dedicated safe passage.
"Upper passengers and flying club gold members go to the airport on their own and can check in at the upper level --
In Area A of the main terminal, before taking the priority elevator directly to the dedicated safety passage, "said Catchpole.
"Top customers. . .
Now it is possible to check in up to 40 minutes before the scheduled departure time and get to the gate directly through the dedicated safety passage.
As for the final question--
Is first class worth it? --
The market seems to respond to luxury goods and quality services like this: Yes, it's worth it, if you can afford it, if these products and services are considered unique.
Flying Dragon: Private jets are a new symbol of identity in China, however, as the prices of private and corporate aircraft are getting higher and higher, as well as budget tightening and business improvement --
More advanced comfort
The ultimate traveler may put the business before the ultimate pleasure.
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