firefighters battle plant blaze - partition wall systems

by:EBUNGE     2019-09-04
firefighters battle plant blaze  -  partition wall systems
A sprinkler system has made a power plant in midtown Toronto go through four times-
According to fire officials, an alarm fire broke out early this morning.
Andrew Kostiuk said: "The fire came out of the roof, but fortunately the building was protected by sprinklers . . . . . . This is one of the reasons why there is not much damage, "Commander-in-chief of the Toronto Fire Department
"The sprinkler helps to check it before we put out the fire.
Lincoln Electric, Canada, had a fire on Wicksteed Street.
On Eglington Avenue. E. and Laird Dr.
Just 3: 30 in the morning. m.
After several hours of fighting the fire, firefighters were still at the scene at 8: 30 a. m. m.
Trying to put a stubborn place on the asphalt roof.
"The fire came out of the roof.
We spray water on it now.
"Water continues to flow out of asphalt," Kostiuk said . ".
He added that it would take a few more hours before allowing the factory owner to return to the house to assess the damage.
When a partition wall caught fire, there were about 20 workers in the factory, but they all managed to get out of the building unscathed.
Kostiuk said investigators believe the fire could have been triggered by maintenance work on a production line at the plant last night.
"It's not arson," said Sgt, a Toronto police officer . "
Said David EUSTAS.
"It was just an unexpected fire. ”By 4 a. m.
The fire jumped off two people.
Alarm level up to three-alarm.
Soon after, the fire seemed to have gone out until about 4: 30, and the fire began to burst out again. m. , Eustace said.
On one occasion, when the fire broke out from the roof of the Toronto fire chief, the large industrial complex, all firefighters had to leave the building.
Mike Strapko added, "the structural integrity of the roof area may be compromised. ”At 5:30 a. m.
The fire rose to the fourth alarm level.
After a defensive battle with the fire, the crew were able to control the fire and put it in the first place.
7 a alarm level. m.
"We have 30 fire units on site, about 100 firefighters," Strapko said . "m.
"Most of them have been cleared.
Lincoln Electric said on its website that he is the world leader in the design, development and manufacture of "Arc welding products, robotic welding systems, plasma and oxygen fuel cutting equipment.
There was no evacuation of the buildings around and no reports of injuries from firefighters.
The investigation continues and the Toronto fire is estimated to lose about $200,000.
This is the second major fire in the past three months in Wicksteed Ave. On Jan.
On the 31st, more than 100 firefighters were summoned to a frozen food storage plant, and a fire rose to five alarms at the highest level.
Residents in the area were advised to keep windows closed, while drivers reported smoke floating on Don Valley Parkway near Eglinton Ave. E.
Some firefighters were treated on site for inhaling a small amount of smoke.
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