film reviews round-up: creepy, magnus, mum's list, i am bolt - double glass partition

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film reviews round-up: creepy, magnus, mum\'s list, i am bolt  -  double glass partition
Kurosawa Ming Qing, 130 minutes, starring: Jersey real man, bamboo real son, toruba, fujinye real son, Dongzang real son, Japanese crime thriller/
It's really creepy.
Detective Gao Cang, also a criminal psychologist (
Withdraw from the Army after experiencing trauma (
He tried to cheat a madman but his mind game backfired).
His wife, yasuk (Yuko Takeuchi)
Their big dog began to live a quieter life in their new home in the suburbs.
He found an academic job teaching criminal science to students (
Tell them horror stories about serial killers).
At first, even if the neighbors stood up, they seemed content --offish.
Then, the mysterious Mr. nixino (Trip to Xiangchuan)
He lived next door and started his sinister campaign to get deeper into it.
In Kurosawa's approach to his material, there is a bit of a vertigo from Alfred Hitchcock, his photography is fascinating, and the orchestra's score is creepy.
Like James Stewart's character in Hitchcock's movie, Gao Cang seems to be
Mind characters who begin to act in an increasingly neurotic way.
He is a man of integrity because he finds himself in a situation where he becomes aggressive and paranoid.
In the early days, the focus was on character psychology: the tension between Gao Cang and his wife, and the strange relationship between xiano and his daughter.
Kurosawa is exploring the mentality of the villain and the people who hunt him down.
In contact with an old colleague, Gao Cang helped investigate an unsolved mystery about a family that disappeared a few years ago.
Inevitably, his work in this case has had an impact on his personal life.
Xiangchuan Thai Xue performed well as a sexy and increasingly exclusive neighbor Nishino, who was thorny for a while and trying to please himself for a while.
In the final section, the film began to resemble the terrible shock that Takashi Miike had made in the 1990 s, such as auditions.
There were torture, forced drug use, and some very grim scenes where the body was packed in an air-tight bag, like a piece of meat on the way to the supermarket.
One of the twists and turns here is that the villain tries not to commit a crime on his own, but to commit a crime, manipulate the victims, give them drugs, and do dirty work for him.
Creepy is a regular fare.
Most of the elements here have been used in countless crime and horror movies before.
Kurosawa's ingenuity lies in his clever portrayal of the brawls between the criminal psychologist on the wild and his tail.
The line between them became blurred.
The police never seem to be sure which person to arrest.
Gao Cang began to act of aggression with the same cunning as his disgusted opponent. ★★★☆☆Dir.
Benjamin Li, 76 minutes, featured: Magnus Carlson, Gary Kasparov, viswanatan Anand Magnus Carlson won the World ChessWCC)
In 2013, he was still in his early 20 s.
Whether he will still be the champion by the end of this month is questionable.
He is behind his opponent in the current WCC game in New York.
Observers often call the young Norwegian a "Mozart" of chess, but in this very fascinating documentary he is considered Adrian Moore --
Like character, an impulsive child, his attitude towards the game is exactly the opposite of his opponent.
His main competitors, especially the former champion "Vishy" Anand, prepare for their competition by running endless computer programs and consulting small groups of other masters.
By contrast, Carlson practiced while improvising.
He likes to improvise and rely on intuition.
After work, he eats pizza, swims, and reads the books of Donald Duck.
Director Benjamin Li can get a lot of pictures from the Carlson family profile, all family movies and family photo albums.
Magnus's father, Henrik, is very notable here.
When his son was very young, he first noticed the gift of Magnus, who built a complex Lego model.
Not only is the pony Grace very smart, he is also very stubborn and tenacious.
He's also banned, like Bobby Fisher, who doesn't have any neurotic excesses.
The documentary sometimes looks strange and superficial.
Ree is not interested in the nuances of chess or the relationship between Carlson and his opponent.
Even his insights into Carlson's personality and family are not particularly revealing.
Carlson's sister is the only interviewee who admits that Magnus is introverted or has difficulties in social situations.
It's big-the tension and the fight aspect that Ree captures very well. match chess.
This was most evident in the first world championships with Anand, India.
The photographer surrounded Magnus.
The game itself was played behind a glass partition, with a large audience staring at the players.
For a while, Magnus began to act like a nervous teenager, constantly banging on pieces and fidgeting.
Then his confidence came back, he was as gentle and arrogant as he was when he was at Harvard.
Educated lawyers beat them easily with blindfolds.
Garry Kasparov, who had to contend with the Soviet powers in power when he first won WCC, said Magnus made him "proud" of the game ".
Ree convinced us that Magnus was a genius, but even so, he certainly wouldn't be as simple as the film suggests. ★★☆☆☆Dir.
Neil Johnson, 99 minutes, starring: Lafite Swar, Amelia Fox, Elaine Cassidy, and William rickety Amelia Fox as Kate,
According to the autobiography of her husband, St. John Green.
She left her husband a list of instructions (Rafe Spall)
Two young children read and perform after she left.
Fox acted strong enough as a mother to capture her strength and fear in the face of death, her humor and dedication to her children (
One of them is a cancer survivor). Writer-
Director Johnson did not support the story.
Contact with doctors and hospital scenes are often chilling.
Nevertheless, there is a slow sense of sentimentality and predictability here, which prevents the film from getting the emotional stimulus that might be expected.
The lives of the two couples before they get married and their courtship are all very troublesome.
The real spark comes from young actors (
Sophie simite and Ross McCormack)
Play Kate and Singapore"
When 1980 teenagers fall in love for the first time and decide to love each other, their eyes are "acres and acres ". ★★☆☆☆Dir.
Gabe Turner, Benjamin Turner, 105 minutes, featured: the story of Usain Bolt, Glen MillsUsain Bolt is a perfect story: gold medals for all sprint events at three Olympic Games (
100 m, 200 m, 4x100 m)every time.
The Jamaican is an inspiring person, a clean athlete who runs much faster than an athlete.
We just hope that the Russian hacker will not eliminate this myth, and his victory will never be damaged by doping charges.
As it stands, he is the ultimate hero of the Olympics, and almost everyone wants to see him win, especially when he plays twice --
Justin Gatlin, US ban
The documentary is disorganized.
Sometimes this is an exercise in hero worship.
"No one has ever run as fast as Usain Bolt in human history," a voiceover told us in a dangerous way.
Sports celebrities of all kinds (
From Serena Williams to Bailey)
Talk about their admiration for Bolt in front of the camera.
Many of Bolt's wins and a lot of his bow-and-arrow shots were treated.
The directors Gabriel Turner and Benjamin Turner are also in the hands of God, and the funny doctor talks about the meeting between five British freestyle footballers and Maradona.
In the best case, I Am Bolt who has some of the usual charm of early movies.
The film performed most strongly behind the scenes, showing bolt hanging out in the hotel room, ironing himself, trying to win the bet to throw javelin, or training with his coach Glenn Mills.
This was also revealed in the early scenes of the 2015 World Championships, when he was in poor health and seemed disgusted with fear.
Sometimes I made it by Bolt and it was very exciting.
However, there is a frustrating feeling here that filmmakers cannot fully control their own films.
There are managers and agents who help to give orders.
Some topics have been avoided.
The directors just spoke very quickly about the drug scandal that continues to plague the sport.
Nor did they delve into Bolt's position in Jamaican society, nor did they delve into Bolt's Jamaican sprint program.
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