federal agency approved privacy fence at visiting chinese delegation’s hotel - temporary wall

by:EBUNGE     2019-07-28
federal agency approved privacy fence at visiting chinese delegation’s hotel  -  temporary wall
Inconvenience to public transport
Not the rights of protesters.
When a federal agency approved a request for a visiting Chinese delegation to set up a privacy fence outside a hotel in Ottawa, this was a decisive factor.
During Premier Li Keqiang's visit in September, the Chinese asked the Westin to set up high fences along the length of the entrance to the building.
The temporary wall protected more than 100 delegation members living in the hotel from demonstrators across the street.
The documents newly disclosed by the Westin's National Capital Council, which is responsible for federal lands in Ottawa, show that before the fence is erected, because the road outside the hotel is part of the ceremonial route from the airport to Capitol Hill and needs approval.
The request, the NCC said, "meets the requirements for approval", is a record submitted to Parliament on the issue of Tory MP Tom Kmiec.
NCC spokesman Jean Wolff said that in approving the request, NCC considered whether the wall would affect the appearance and feel of the capital city improperly in accordance with the agency's statutory mandate.
"This is a question of pedestrian traffic, motor vehicle traffic, other types of obstacles and what kind of signs or patterns will appear (the fence),” he said.
He added that the popularity of protesters who opposed Beijing's policies did not play a role.
"This is not part of the decision --
In net donor countries.
We have this application and we have processed the application within our task and practice, that's it.
Ross Meredith said the Chinese delegation "did not give any specific reasons for wanting a fence", so the hotel did not know the purpose was to prevent demonstrators from watching, the managing director of the Westin Hotel
"We didn't ask this question, we didn't realize it.
The Chinese embassy in Ottawa said in a brief statement on Thursday that the wall had been set up for security reasons.
Kmiec, a conservative deputy critic of foreign affairs, said it would be reasonable to build the wall for security purposes.
"If it's just to avoid embarrassment, if it's just to avoid seeing people protest or say what they think and express themselves, then I have a problem with that.
While the NCC provides an answer for one of his multiple elements
With respect to the part of the wall question, other federal agencies have not addressed aspects such as whether there is any communication between the government of Canada and China regarding the wall.
Kmiec said that he hoped that a supplementary reply would be submitted by the Parliament, as he would still like a reply.
"Has the Chinese government received special treatment?
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