faster, greener trains for new lines - temporary partition

by:EBUNGE     2019-08-30
faster, greener trains for new lines  -  temporary partition
New Delhi: take a new train that is more energy-efficient and travel in phase 3 of the Delhi Metro will be faster, brighter and more comfortable
High efficiency and environmental protectionfriendly.
HS Anand, director of rolling stock at Delhi Metro said: "These trains will be 10% more efficient and faster than existing trains (DMRC).
He said the train would be more energy efficient.
Due to the better regeneration of energy during braking, the efficiency is very high. “Sub-
Systems such as LED lighting and more energy-efficient air-
The air conditioner will increase the green side, "Anand said.
With a better acceleration and deceleration system, the train will also run faster.
"At present, the second phase of the train runs at an average speed of 32 kilometers.
The average speed of Line 7 and Line 8 will reach 35 kilometers per hour.
The new train will be driverless and passengers can use the space created by dismantling the driver's cabin.
"Commuters will look directly at the track," Anand said . ".
However, in the first year of operation, the train will provide temporary zoning for drivers.
The train will be painted in the color of the line
For example, the brown line (Mukundpur-Shiv Vihar)
The train will have brown stripes.
For the comfort of the passengers, a row of glass panels at the end of the seat will have back support, more handrails and improved handrails.
The trains made by modern ROTEM are from Korea.
Anand said, "the first train will be put into use on May 2015 in mukempur.
20 trains will come from South Korea and the remaining 61 will be manufactured in Bangalore.
The Delhi Metro will introduce four trains (
Six coaches each)
In every corridor.
The cost per coach is Rs 8. 5 crore.
The Delhi Metro paid Rs 7.
When purchased from Bombardier in 2007, 28 crore per passenger car.
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