fargo braces for latest flood battle - portable wall

by:EBUNGE     2019-08-03
fargo braces for latest flood battle  -  portable wall
Update 4: 53. m.
The volunteers in North Dakota were flooded.
On Tuesday, when the contractor built the clay dam along the expressway, the battle mode filled the sandbags again
The Red River is rising to protect nearby houses from black water.
The River, officials expect, will not be as high as last year's record floods, but close to Fargo and nearby Moorhead, Minn.
It is expected to reach 20 feet above the flood water level on Sunday.
Water flowing through the banks of the river may threaten several houses, roads and parks.
"Citizens are working hard and doing a good job," said the head of North Dakota . ".
John Hoeven said Tuesday.
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More than 415,000 sandbags were transported to the area, and residents cleared their yard to make way for the construction of the dam.
"The feeling of working together here is still unusual," said Dennis Warwick, mayor of Fargo . ".
"We made a request to speed up yesterday and they did.
Michael Regling, City Manager at Moorhead, said the volunteers had created enough sandbags to prevent 38 feet of the river from freezing, but added that protection 40-
CBS subsidiary KXJB reported:TV in Fargo.
Many people here are quite optimistic that they are ready for the flood.
"We all felt very calm compared to last year," Mark Shannon said on Monday as he prepared to build sandbag dykes in the backyard.
Last year, about 100 houses in the area were damaged, and thousands of people were evacuated after the Red River rose above the flood level for 61 days and twice reached its peak.
Officials say they are better prepared for the flood this year, thanks to the early storage of sandbags and the construction of stronger flood-proof banks throughout the region.
Miles of clay Dykes, more than 1 million sandbags and portable wall systems will be used to help protect the area of about 200,000 people in Casse County, NY. D.
Clay County, Minnesota.
Clay County Sheriff Bill Bergquist said that some residents outside the city left their houses mainly because they did not want to be trapped there by land flooding.
"Everyone has to understand that this is true," Walaker said . ".
Governor in Minnesota.
Tim Pawlenty announced on Monday that 28 counties affected by potential floods in the western, southern, central and eastern regions were in a state of emergency.
The order started the National Guard to help prepare the flood and provide emergency relief.
Karry Hoganson, a resident of Fargo, is cutting down an evergreen tree in his neighbor's backyard to make room for a sandbag dam.
When he bought his house in 2002, historical data showed that he had sandbags every 10 years, Hogan said.
But it's more like every other year, he says.
"I chose to live by the river.
"I am not seeking sympathy," he said . ".
"I bought it for the scenery. I love it here. "Sandbags -
Weigh 20 pounds each.
The streets and dead ends are full of flavorsde-
Sacs in several higher neighborhoods
End your home along the south Fargo river.
In the next few days, residents will pile up sandbags to try to keep the river from entering their homes.
The dam will be 9 feet wide and 3 feet high near Dan Sholy.
When he helped unload the sandbags at home, Sholy said he was not too worried about the flood.
"Now, they are marking and marking everything for the dam," he said . ".
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