exhibit: movable building models - sliding wall

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exhibit: movable building models  -  sliding wall
Joseph Giovanni Feeb
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Dining room with window chair-one of 50 hand-
Now build the building model in "small buildings", which is a showcase of New York architect Alan Wexler's work at the Ronald Feldman Gallery in SoHo --
It looks like a wooden garden cottage, but in fact the structure blocks a wall --to-
The wall table inside, may be called dining stupidity.
Even dolls are small and modest.
The standard of the house has six windows on all sides of the structure;
When it is pulled out of the model, each window shows itself as the back of the dining chair belonging to the mini table inside.
The building of the restaurant is only a little wider than the dining table.
The pavilion is one of many fantasy buildings that take simple daily activities such as eating and are surrounded by the smallest buildings.
Although each model may be on the rise for a while, in fact, each model has a humorous or serious idea;
Together, these models blur the difference between furniture and architecture.
Furniture is a small building in some cases, but in other cases, the small building is furniture.
For example, the walls of "buildings with doors and drawers" are made up entirely of drawers, and the whole building is a box.
The four walls of another small pavilion, "Building No. Sliding wall ".
3, "all the slides are shown in different directions with a table inside, almost an outdoor closet. Mr. advertising
Wexler is designing an architecture that takes advantage of its operational parts to implement a feature --
The whole wall slides, the windows pull out, the roof gable rises, the blinds open and close, and the awning falls.
If there is a sign in the show that the audience is required not to touch the model, it is because there are so many parts moving that the fragile model is invited to handle.
The architect put forward a participatory building within arm's power --
A building that responds to human touch.
The advertisement of the exhibition center is a complete advertisement
The size structure consists of actionable parts that are combined in a clever way for different purposes.
Designed and built by Mr.
Wexler's "beach art" project, held in Manhattan last summer, consists of four separate fabrics and metal sheds, 8 feet high and 1/2 square meters high, table 1 big 5-when they are connected-foot room. Mr.
Wexler noted that it can be used in many ways, including "four toy boxes that become playrooms ";
Become the four lockers in the dressing room;
Become the four closets in the guest room.
The architect simply believes that people can influence their environment by taking action, which is desirable to some extent, that he designed a real house, there is a model in the play.
The model, designed for Eve and Hal Levy, is currently under construction and shows an ordinary beach house surrounded by four small pavilions, each with a separate use
The floor plan shows that an internal sliding wall can close a study room and become a guest room.
The same wall can slide in front of the service center, hide it, or close the kitchen.
Large external sliding blinds protect the north window when the house is closed in winter.
There is an adjustable roof canopy in the shade.
It's not a cool push.
But the most direct, obvious, and feasible House.
In addition, the gallery exhibits the work of wood structures by New York architect Suzanne Torre, called "on (Post Modern)
Building space.
The two performances will last until February.
No. 16 Feldman Gallery, 31 Mercer Street (Grand Street); 212-226-3232. Hours are 10 A. M. to 6 P. M.
Tuesday to Saturday
A version of this article was printed on page C00007 of the National edition on February 7, 1985 with the title: Exhibition: movable building model.
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