excavations at caerleon - partition wall

by:EBUNGE     2019-06-23
excavations at caerleon  -  partition wall
Further excavation at the Roman fortress of calleonon-
Usk became necessary for building development projects on two acres of land in the Northeast angle.
Ms. Fox reported the defense evidence here and she directed the excavation on behalf of the Caerleon Excavation Committee (The Times, Aug. 5)
Composed of the main clay banks and ditches occupied by the second Augustinian legion of. D.
75. the foundation of the stone wall and one of the internal turrets is about. D.
100, when the early wooden structures inside were reconstructed with stones.
Check the construction of the rampart Road, which provides access in the fortress circuit behind the rampart.
A pair of barracks, back to back, providing accommodation for soldiers, providing a more spacious dormitory for the Centurion, was found to be similar to the plan to dig in the South
Fort West corner-9 on 1926.
A coin from Nerva confirmed their date of erection.
The occupation of the Second Legion on this occasion seems very short;
But in the third century, the military camp was completely renovated on the date marked by the stamp "leg. II Aug. Anto. ” as A. D. 212–222.
The recently occupied remains, not necessarily of a military nature, were found at the residence of Centurion, where a tiled fireplace was built on a destroyed partition wall, the molded base of a pillar, upside down, partially sunk into the floor, seems like a game --
The table because a few counters were found around it.
The associated layers contain coins and pottery from the late fourth century.
A total of 70 coins and 90 military-stamped tiles were found.
Pottery is not rich, but the most interesting discovery is the treasure of five gold coins, ranging from two of a. Nero to two of A. Nero. D.
55 and 61, Titus and dumixian,. D.
74 and 73, found hidden on the floor of the barracks, may represent the savings of a soldier who was left behind when the Legion was ordered to go north.
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