every inch counts in small space - temporary partition wall

by:EBUNGE     2019-08-11
every inch counts in small space  -  temporary partition wall
I like challenges.
I came up with my best idea when I faced a problem.
I would say that the most common challenge in the design world today is working with small spaces.
Ironically, there are more and more things to buy, but in many cases our living area cannot accommodate all the furniture and gadgets.
Every inch is important when you live in an area of 525 square feet.
This is basic. down living.
But it is not necessarily dull.
The challenge of the open concept space presented here is to design a plan to divide the living and sleeping areas.
A young designer-a doorman in my series, has found a fantastic design for the space from the beginning.
Some type of partition is in order, I used many different types of fabric in other lofts and apartments and it worked well.
I hung everything on my paintings and ties.
Stained sheets or tapestries hanging from the ceiling
Building floor screens decorated with paint, paper and molded materials.
In addition to a little privacy, they add a new spirit to the existing design.
However, for this condo,
The destination partition was created.
Custom media center is Custom made so that the flat panel TV can rotate 180 degrees and it is designed to hide all the wires, the dividing walls that look great and take advantage of the space.
This is smart.
Another challenge is furniture.
Great Reason, big or small, but why not boldly pick some great pieces that capture your imagination?
Explore the works of innovative designers such as Brent combed machine and his Fir cube table through klausn. com;
Hugo eq3. Loveseats and matte leather rocking chairs
Com, any of these pieces are intriguing practical art pieces that take your living space to a whole new level.
You know, in the past only people who were rich or very artistic splurge on abnormal furniture.
Nowadays, furniture designers consider the smart materials of environmental protection while considering the appearance and comfort.
Lighting has never been so interesting, and modern lighting styles can happily blend with traditional styles.
This trend is more about choosing light sources that save electricity and enhance your mood.
Whether you decide to build a media partition at home or upgrade the lighting, it's time to hire a good contractor or electrician.
Before all of these wires are hidden behind a permanent or temporary wall, make sure you have the appropriate number of outlets and that your service can bear the extra burden.
Don't forget to bring a dimmer;
They are essential and the cheapest decoration technique.
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