Eight tips to consider if you're thinking of extending your kitchen - sliding partition doors

by:EBUNGE     2019-08-10
Eight tips to consider if you\'re thinking of extending your kitchen  -  sliding partition doors
I am renovating my house, including making my kitchen bigger.
I was wondering if it would be possible to remove the 10 m long inner wall
Replace it with a steel beam to make the kitchen/living room open. It is a two-
This is not a load-level house-
Carry the wall but support the ceiling support beam.
In order to answer your question correctly, I need to go to your house to see the existing layout etc.
But there are a few things to consider here as a guide: remove a 10 m-
Long Walls are possible and ambitious, and a qualified engineer needs to design a new steel beam and frame.
It is important that any structural alterations are designed and signed by engineers, otherwise you will have real problems when you sell your house in the future.
The right paperwork needs to be in place, and again, you need to be safe knowing that there will be no structural flaws in your home.
As you said, the Wall supports the ceiling, which in turn supports the first floor, and perhaps the roof, which is, for sure, a structural wall.
When removing a wall of this degree, it is necessary to have a frame with a vertical pillar at both ends, just like the door pillar frame.
A midpoint may even be needed.
This will provide stability for the existing house, perhaps any adjacent house.
It is worth noting that the loading is not only from the top, but also the side force needs to be considered --
Therefore, the "door post frame ".
Think of a deck.
Again, the engineer is best suited to design this.
In terms of design, there are other ways to provide open space without having to take away so many walls, and also allow you to close your room or watch TV when your child needs it.
The easy way is to fold a large single or double door back to the wall by means of a parliamentary hinge so that the door does not get in the way when it is opened.
Similarly, the sliding door can achieve the same effect and create dynamic space.
Assume that some form of steel beam is needed-
To avoid a typical extended look
Consider the position of the new steel beam on the ceiling.
The cheaper way is to put the beams under the floor/ceiling, but you will end up being placed downstand beam.
Another more expensive solution is to put the beams in the ceiling area, creating a flush ceiling where the space flows seamlessly, and the room feels more.
It also helps to blur the boundaries between old and new.
Another small but typical problem with opening a room to one space is that there may be different floors between rooms, especially in old properties.
It can usually be solved, but it is worth noting that it may increase your cost and affect the design.
In terms of layout, it is also worth considering different locations for the main fixed object-kitchen.
Putting things in the right place can make more space, bring more light and give the impression of more space, so explore all possible locations.
It is always worth considering that you may not need to expand, which is where the architect's skills can come in to advise on the goals that can be achieved by expanding and not expanding.
Exploring ideas on paper is cheaper than when you arrive at the site.
If you decide to extend, consider where you will put the lights on the roof.
Keep them as close as possible to the existing back wall to make the middle area brighter.
Hitting your roof light on the wall will allow the light to bounce from the wall and illuminate the room better than the central roof light, which will produce light like a Gothic cathedral.
Also consider the position of the extension, where does the sun come from, can you bring in the light, create a courtyard, is there anything to pay attention to, a tree, etcLastly, in order to be able to provide specific advice for your project, consult a registered architect, in turn, an engineer to ensure your home is safe and reliable during and after the project.
Architects can develop a good layout to maximize space within the available budget.
If you are considering changing your home, work with a registered architect. Check riai.
The registered institution of Irish Architects.
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