Egypt finds new clues that Queen Nefertiti may lie buried behind Tut’s tomb - partition wall

by:EBUNGE     2019-06-24
Egypt finds new clues that Queen Nefertiti may lie buried behind Tut’s tomb  -  partition wall
Egypt's Minister of Antiquities said last week that Egypt had found further evidence that a secret chamber could be located behind the tomb of King Tutankhamen, which some consider to be the inner fertiti
The death of Nefertiti in the 14 th century has aroused great international interest. C.
Believed to be Tutankhamen's stepmother, the confirmation of her final resting place will be the most striking archaeological discovery in Egypt this century.
The radar scan analysis of the site on November showed that the minister of Tutankhamen El-was in the room of Tutankhamen, and there was space behind the two walls.
Said at a press conference.
The scan, he said, shows "there are different things behind the wall, possibly different materials of metal, possibly organic . ".
After the initial radar scan was sent to Japan for analysis, Damaty said on November that there was a 90% chance of something behind the walls of Tutankhamen's room.
A more advanced scan will be conducted at the end of this month to confirm whether the empty space is actually a room.
Only in this way, Damaty says, can he discuss when and how the team is likely to get into the room.
"We can say there are more than 90% rooms.
But I didn't start the next step until I was 100%.
"This discovery could be a boon to Egypt's ailing tourism industry, which has suffered endless setbacks since the uprising that ousted president Mubarak in 2011.
Nicholas Reeves, a British Egyptian antiquities scientist who is leading the investigation, said he believes that Tutankhamen's mausoleum was initially occupied by Neferti, who is not disturbed behind what he believes is the wall.
The discovery of Nefertiti, with its chiseled cheekbones and noble beauty in the 3,300-year-
The old bust statue now exhibited at the Berlin Museum will provide new clues to the mysterious period of Egyptian history.
"This may be the discovery of this century.
This is very important for the history of Egypt and the history of the world, "Damaty said. —Reuters
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