driver lost eye in taxi attack by russell thomas - partition screen

by:EBUNGE     2019-08-12
driver lost eye in taxi attack by russell thomas  -  partition screen
A taxi passenger was sentenced to three years in prison for "reckless" attacks on a taxi driver who lost his eyes in the attack.
Russell Thomas, 26, Llandudno, Conway, hit a partition to protect the driver from sending a piece of debris into his eyes.
According to the mould Crown Court, 48-year-old Richard matessen was forced to remove his eyes.
Thomas admitted the injury and damaged the taxi.
In a victim impact statement read to the court by Mr. Mattison, he said that his life would never be the same again.
He said that the ongoing medical treatment is unbearable and that he is likely to lose sight in the rest of his eyes.
"I don't understand what life is like --
Changes can happen when I perform my duties to get people home safely.
"I should not be disabled for life," he said . ".
Matessen also said he had been persecuted by "gangsters.
Style intimidating "and threatened to be killed if he told the police the name of the attacker.
"I can't believe someone can do terrible harm, if I tell the police his name and let me be alone in the dark and face the threat of death," he said . ".
The court heard how Thomas, after being picked up by Mr. Mattison on July 25 in Llandudno, inserted the zoning screen into the taxi out of panic.
He was locked in a taxi by the driver for unpaid 16. 99 fare.
However, when Thomas was emotional, Mr. matessen decided to cancel the fare and open the door.
However, when Mr Mattison turned, the defendant bumped a plastic screen into the victim's face.
The court heard Thomas throw the money out of the gap in the partition, then leave the driver alone in the dark, seriously injured and bleeding heavily.
In his defense, Maria Masselis said: "He knows that he has caused life --
He was affected by a long injury.
It will be with him for the rest of his life.
Judge Peter Heywood said he admitted that it was a reckless act, but that it had "terrible consequences ".
"You caused catastrophic damage to this taxi driver, which ruined his life," he said . ".
The judge said that he admitted that the accused had been kidnapped and imprisoned illegally and that he might be nervous about being held in a taxi, but that was not an excuse for his actions.
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