do team-taught, double classrooms work? depends on who you talk to - retractable wall

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do team-taught, double classrooms work? depends on who you talk to  -  retractable wall
Although parents seem to be so-
Education experts say the Calgary area has been called "double classrooms" for years and they can do well if they do it right.
Earlier this week, CBC News reports showed that some parents of Red Deer Lake school south of Calgary who had children said their children were struggling in a large second-grade class.
Parents called for a change, and after the second grade, nearly 50 children left some "anxiety", "overwhelming" the retractable wall between the two classrooms, at the beginning of the school year, leading to a large class of 47 students and two teachers.
Officials at the school division at the foothills refused to change the walls, and some families were pulling their children out of the school.
This dual classroom is common and schools are usually designed to have retractable walls to allow common useteaching.
A spokesperson told CBC news in an email that while the Calgary Board of Education said it did not focus on tracking the number of classrooms using this model, "throughout our system, there are many examples of how these classrooms are used successfully.
"The Calgary Catholic School District says its school does not have any double classrooms, but can combine classes for subjects like physics or bands.
Barbara Silva, communications director of the public education propaganda group, said: "Children may collapse . " She supports our students in Alberta.
Silvasays her team has heard from worried parents about joint, common
Classroom teaching for many years.
"Children can fall from the cracks," Silva said . ".
"It's difficult for children with anxiety, or they even have anxiety about noise levels, physical adaptation.
. . . . . . We know that children who are actively involved, feel listened, are seen and develop strong relationships often have better educational, academic and social outcomes.
So when you put more than 40 or 45 kids
Young children (especially
We have reason to worry.
Silva believes that there may be problems with the size of the classroom.
She believes that a class of 47 students, with two teachers, may seem reasonable on paper, but in fact, she said, let many young children in a joint space
"The noise level is rising and the physical space is crowded.
"It becomes more difficult to identify children with special needs," she said . ".
"If you have children who need headphones, if you need to address the child's anxiety about it, it shows that there is a problem with this approach.
Jason Wilcox said: "The two classrooms offer flexibility and creativity, scholars say. "The key benefit for the kids is that there are two teachers in this space who support learning, and it is true that in 2005 he taught in his first double classroom.
According to Wilcox, he is now the principal of the Evergreen School in Calgary --
Where there are three double classrooms (
Kindergarten, grade 1, Grade 3)—
This model allows one teacher to attend classes, while another teacher can give closer attention to group children who may need more help.
This is a teaching method that needs to be planned, he said.
This is not the only option at his school.
There are traditional closed classrooms in each grade.
"We had a lot of thought on how these courses were structured, and we had a conversation with the current teacher for next year to see if the students should be scheduled for a double class or if they might
Because of their own learning situation, or because of their own complexity,
"They may benefit from a single space," he said . ".
"So we try to think about it.
"The two classrooms in his school are not fully open yet.
Several panels of the retractable wall are left in the middle of the large room to provide a little visual barrier.
"When you have two teachers who do well in grouping, there will be more creativity in a larger classroom," said Cynthia praso . ", A specialist in early childhood education at the University of Calgary's wellland School of Education.
"There can be flexibility in grouping.
A child may be stronger in math, so put them in different areas, but in writing they may be in different groups.
According to Prasow
Teaching classrooms also has social benefits because children learn to interact with more children.
But not everyone.
She said that some children perform better in traditional closed classrooms, and it is important to discuss team teaching plans with family members in advance.
According to Prasow, the success of large team teaching classrooms is influenced by the style of classroom management.
"What is the process of the day?
"It shouldn't be crowd control," she said . ".
"Can you make it an attractive classroom, not just a classroom where kids go everywhere and they don't know the regular ones.
You must be able to set expectations.
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