Divide and live policy! - room divider wall panels

by:EBUNGE     2019-09-03
Divide and live policy!  -  room divider wall panels
Whether you believe it or not, the partition of the room originated in China in the 7 th century or so, and it is actually only decorative.
Whether you believe it or not, the partition of the room originated in China in the 7 th century or so, and it is actually only decorative.
Normally, most of the six or eight groups carry the most striking Chinese theme-the dragon that symbolizes prosperity and peace.
There are other changes.
Sometimes romantic, sometimes beautiful scenery.
After nearly 100, the room partition became part of Japanese life and was indispensable in interior design.
Of course, the split board was later discovered in Europe and stuck to very heavy regular oak boards.
Nevertheless, they were very popular because at that time everything in the east was loved.
They are very expensive and the most expensive variety in Europe.
The style of koromander has found its own way to the Royal Palace.
Over the years, when it comes to creating paintings and even decorating a house, the room partition inspired artists and designers.
In India, the concept of partitions arises when it is necessary to maximize space and, of course, create privacy.
You may find a large living room at home with a dining space at one end.
The separator is used to separate two spaces, and this practice continues even now.
On top of that, it is also a fine piece of art that can even highlight a particular location in the house.
The days of using walls as partitions have passed because we have more options.
For example, glass partitions, wooden sliders, bead partitions, see-
Make your home more charming with screens and more!
Talking about room dividers, actors-
Producer Rakshitha Prem said, "I never liked the divider earlier, but after I got myself a sliding door, I changed my point of view.
There is such a place between my living room and the dining room.
It is made of glass with leaves engraved on it.
I bought it from a specialty store on Kanakapura Road.
Designer Seema Malhotra says the partitions add a lot of personality and romance to the room.
"I have a custom crystal partition in my shop and bought one for my daughter's room.
It gives an illusion and isolate your personal space in a good way.
It is most effective in space such as balcony, living room.
However, I would not recommend the separation of the company Space, "said Seema.
Speaking of the room partitions, interior designer Alti Sud said, "they are an interesting decorative item that people can exercise at home.
It is best for people who live in the apartment as they rarely have a separate dining space.
The wall became passe.
Instead, one can try the metal, wood, or glass slider of a non-permanent structure.
"Some of the dividers that are very popular today include those that are designed to add Bollywood color, abstract suspension dividers, straw dividers, etc.
Designer Lokessh Ahuja said, "The room divider is usually for privacy.
But what must be remembered when choosing a divider is that the correct divider also complements the entire living space.
Otherwise, it might look strange.
Beena Patre, interior designer and entrepreneur, said, "The Slider brings interesting definitions to the space.
To make your decor more attractive, I recommend a wooden slider with attractive carvings on it. ”
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