dining out; seafood in a railway station; the shell station - room separator wall

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dining out; seafood in a railway station; the shell station  -  room separator wall
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The outer shell of Stratford stands at the company or Conrail that Stratford is not a competitor.
The shells distributed are shells, and the station concerned is an old railway.
You might think that the last place for commuters to want to eat and spend the night in exurbia is the train station.
But from the crowds of restaurants that have been frequent for the year, it doesn't seem to be a deterrent.
No one is trying to cover up the waiting room at the old station, it is now a restaurant, and no one is trying to attract them with railroad memorabilia.
The cream-colored walls and high ceilings are as much as they used to be, and the skirting and decor are now a contrasting chocolate color.
The row of plants in the simple pottery jar provides room separation effects, as well as some simple fish wall sculptures, which are the only decoration styles.
This is all about the Shell station: fish and other seafood.
A handwritten menu lists fresh food every day.
Other daily specials are listed on the color wall panel.
Apart from one beef and one chicken, the menu is full of seafood.
Between the two open dining areas, there is a large service table with desserts on it.
Usually, during the season, a large bowl of red large strawberries is placed next to a huge, family rectangular fresh strawberry pie.
All of these heartbreaking ads, the home side of calico tablecloths, and the warm and friendly service, people would like to give a better report.
But in general, the kitchen is still very simple.
Given the simplicity of the menu, one might expect every item to be perfectly prepared.
This rarely happens.
Shad roe, a recent ad, is a good example.
Listed on the menu as "shad roe, saued", roe became dry, almost naked, without a piece of moist bacon or even a small piece of butter, it could be in butter
There are a few carrots and zucchini on the plate.
While we prefer uncooked vegetables, it can be said that they are neither fish nor poultry, either partially cooked or raw.
The wine stews a Burgundian shell dish and makes the fish overwhelmed out of breath.
While shrimp, scallops and other shellfish are rich in flavor, different flavors are filled with undermixed raw wine sauces.
The best entrees we 've had so far on both occasions are scallops and dill.
Scallops are fresh, meaty, juicy, delicious, and dill Rose is enhanced and not wrapped inside.
Grilled swordfish is also delicious, even on the dry side
The taste is simple, the lemon is sprinkled, and the taste is rich.
A mariniere Qingkou order gave us a pleasant experience, but our enjoyment was destroyed by the sand of Qingkou.
Our favorite appetizer is the delicious clam chowder.
As we prefer, it is very rich and the potatoes are very poor.
The clam casino is also delicious, hot and generous.
It is less attractive than the force, it is a light dish soup, thinner than the elegant cream of the light dish soup we appreciate, thinner in depth and more subtle in taste --
There's not even a clam in the bowl!
What is even more unsatisfactory is the Rockefeller Oyster, which is covered with a strange, sea-like, ripe, tasteless spinach, and surprisingly, the top melts the cheese and is completely lacking
A highlight of Shell station is the warm rolls.
They are of good texture, hard shell and delicious.
Desserts are also tempting.
A glass of brandy Alexander mousse is a pleasure.
Plenty of sparkling, full strawberries and fresh whipped cream are almost an edible food.
The fresh strawberry pie is also delicious, although we believe that putting the berries together can benefit from the cream freeze or the glass windows.
In fact, it is made up of fresh berries inlaid in a rich crust, simple but good.
There is no liquor license at Shell station, but customers can enjoy a bottle of red, white or rose for free.
We also encourage people to bring their own bottles.
The three-course dinner for four people is $50, including taxes and tips, which are generally worth the money.
AdvertisementRailroad station, Stratford. 377‐1648.
Atmosphere: located in the old-fashioned railway station, it is relaxed and informal, but it has a feeling of ventilation and comfort.
Service: efficient, orderly and friendly.
Recommended: Scallops, grilled swordfish, clam chowder, half-shell oysters, clam casino, Brandy Alexander mousse.
Credit card: main charge and Visa.
Price range: $5. 25 to $12. 95 (
Salad and vegetables included).
Time: Friday lunch only: 2: 15 at 11: 95M. ; dinner 5 to P. M.
5 to 9 every day. M.
Rest on Sunday and Tuesday.
Reservations are recommended, especially on weekends.
Dress: informal.
What is the meaning of stars:None)
Fair to the poor * good * very good * these ratings are based on the response food and prices of reviewers to comparable institutions.
A version of this file was printed on page 505 of the New York edition on May 6, 1979, titled: dining out;
Seafood at the railway station;
Shell station.
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