dgap-news: vtg ag resolves capital increase with subscription rights - targeted gross proceeds: eur 290 million - sliding wall

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dgap-news: vtg ag resolves capital increase with subscription rights - targeted gross proceeds: eur 290 million  -  sliding wall
News: VTG Aktiengesellschaft/keyword (s)
: Capital appreciation evtg AG solves the problem of capital appreciation through subscription rights
Target Income: 290 million euro 24. 04.
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Vtg ag solves the problem of capital increase through subscription right-
Target revenue: EUR 0. 29 billion
5,477,372 new shares issued-
Subscription ratio of 21: 4-
The subscription price is 52 euros. 90 per share-
The subscription period is from April 25 to 12: 00 (noon)on May 9, 2019-
On April 24, 2019, Warwick Holdings Limited will purchase unsubscribed shares in ubpricehamburg.
Yesterday, with the consent of the Commission's capital increase Committee, the executive committee of VTGAktiengesellschaft (WKN: VTG999)
Resolved the capital increase in cash donations with subscription rights generated by authorized capital.
So vtg ag will release 5,477,372 new numberspar-
As of January 1, 2018, the value of the right to hold a dividend is the ordinary bearer stock.
The new shares will be publicly available for sale at a subscription price of 52 euros to VTG shareholders in the German Federal Republic and the Grand Duchy of Luxembourg.
Offer by indirect subscription, $90 per share.
From April 25 to 12: 00 Noon (CEST)
In May 9, shareholders can get four new shares for every 21 shares of VTG.
New shares should be delivered on or after 2019.
Major shareholder Warwick Holdings Co. , Ltd (
Indirect subsidiary of Morgan Stanley Infrastructure)
It has undertaken to exercise all subscription rights to which it is entitled under its existing shares.
In addition, Warwick Holdings Limited will acquire all new shares not subscribed after the subscription offer expires at the subscription price.
Of the total capital increase net income of about 0. 283 billion euros, about 30 million euros will be used to partially redeem outstanding private mixed bonds issued in 2018 to finance acco acquisitions.
The remaining net proceeds will increase the financial flexibility of the VTG group and intend to be used for public redemption --
TradedVTG mixed bonds with a face value of 250 euros.
Interest increased by in early August 2019.
About VTG: VTG Aktiengesellschaft is one of the leading rail car rental and rail logistics companies in Europe, and the fleet consists of more than 94,000 rail cars.
A complete
It provides a series of services such as tanker trucks, intermodal vehicles, standard freight cars and sliding wall cars.
In addition to leasing rail cars, the group also provides a comprehensive number
It is mainly the mode logistics service of land transportation and global container transportation.
VTG combines its three interrelated departmental rail vehicles, railway logistics and container logistics to provide customers with high
Their performance platform for international freight transport.
The group has many years of experience and expertise, especially in the transport of liquids and sensitive goods.
Its customers include
Well-known companies in almost all industrial sectors, such as the chemical, petroleum, automotive, paper and agricultural industries.
In the fiscal year 2018, VTG generated revenue and operating profit of EUR 1. 073 billion (EBITDA)
0. 349 billion euros.
The company is headquartered in Hamburg and is mainly distributed in Europe, North America, Russia and Asia through its subsidiaries and affiliates.
As of December 31, 2018, there were 1,600 employees worldwide.
Contact Company communication: Gunilla pendhead of the company's communication Phone: 49 (0)40 23 54-1341Fax: +49 (0)40 23 54-1340E-mail: gunilla. pendt@vtg.
Investor Relations: Christoph marx Head of Investor Relations Tel: 49 (0)40 23 54-1351Fax: +49 (0)40 23 54-1350E-Email: Kristoffmarx@vtg.
Comment Information on Www. vtg.
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None of the securities mentioned here nor will they be registered in the United StatesS.
Securities law of 1933 as amended (
Securities law)
, Or the law of any state in the United States, shall not, without registration, or in accordance with the registration exemption under the Securities Act, sell or otherwise transfer in the United States.
Whether VTGAktiengesellschaft (the "Company")
Nor does one of its shareholders intend to redeem any Securities mentioned here in the United States.
This document does not constitute an offer to sell or an offer to purchase any securities.
The offer was made entirely through a prospectus issued in Germany and Luxembourg, and based on that prospectus, additional information relating to the offer outside Germany and Luxembourg was supplemented.
The prospectus is available free of charge on Nagelsweg 34, 20097 Hamburg's VTGAktiengesellschaft and on the Internet on the company's website.
No money, securities or other consideration is charged and will not be accepted if a response is made to the information contained herein.
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The outlook statement should not be interpreted as a concrete commitment to future results and developments and involves known and unknown risks and uncertainties.
Actual results, performance, or events may differ significantly from those described in these reports for reasons, among others, including changes in the general economic and competitive environment, risks related to capital markets, changes in monetary international and national laws and regulations, especially changes in tax laws and regulations, affecting companies, and other factors.
The company and any of its affiliates do not assume any obligation to update any forwarding --
Look at the report. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------24. 04.
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