designer amy whitworth thinks outside the toy box for her stylish bespoke furniture - sliding walls ikea

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designer amy whitworth thinks outside the toy box for her stylish bespoke furniture  -  sliding walls ikea
I want to buy a doll house for my daughter, she said.
But I can't decide what is feasible in our home.
In urban life, space is a premium, and furniture with only one use is such a waste of space.
Also, my daughter only plays with toys that are within reach, so it seems pointless to get something hidden.
In general, people need only a few pieces of standard furniture at home, Whitworth said.
I want to find a way to make one of the items more attractive and more suitable for modern life, she said.
So I decided to build a double.
Purpose coffee table and doll house.
"With the help of simple sliding panels made of plexiglass and magnetic toy furniture as well as people, Qubis Haus is a functional furniture for children and adults.
Whitworth said the project was greatly influenced by the work of Bauhaus, Mish van der Droo and Le cobussiye.
"I want to look at the space inside the furniture and think about how to use it.
Qubis Haus allows adults and children to enjoy the same product in different ways.
This table is made of birch plywood with clean modern lines.
Whitworth provides her toy furniture with locally grown sustainable oak, which is made up of handmade building blocks and embedded magnets that can be turned into different with just a click of the mouse
In order to match the theme of modern life, the groove of the sliding wall also comes with the iPad, which means that the product can also be used
Home for entertainment
"I love the aesthetics of modern art and architecture, love the gameplay of children's toys, want something tactile and as much sensory attraction as possible," Whitworth explains . ".
In 2002, she took part in the design competition at the South Bank center in London and won the championship.
Amy Whitworth design was born at that time.
Whitworth now designs custom functional furniture.
I will describe what I did as double. purpose, multi-
This is functional and transformative, she said.
Design customization is no stranger
Whiteworth started her career by renovating a 30-foot item.
Dutch barge
"My husband and I bought the barge in 1999 and after a lot of changes to the deck, cabin and cabin, we (
With a Little Help from My steel engineer father)
Into an art gallery.
"We didn't want to move back to land after our first child was born, so we started to convert the boat into a home and now we have a double --
Living and working/exhibition space.
Whitworth says it's the beginning of her fascination with creating a dual identity.
She said the interior of the ship must conform to two disguises.
"So all the furniture has to be suitable for the home and the gallery.
I designed a folded bed with a piece of art displayed below, and the children's toy box twisted into a side panel to be used as an entertainment bar.
Then there are some bases that we use for the exhibition or for the TV stand.
The current Qubis range includes side tables, storage boxes and other coffee tables.
I hope the Qubis series will grow in the future, she said.
But I also want to develop my style and create more custom works.
"I like challenges," she added . "
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