Designed by iconic architect, industrial-chic building comes to Shaw - room divider wall

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Designed by iconic architect, industrial-chic building comes to Shaw  -  room divider wall
Part of New York's industrial fashion arrived in the area in the form of Atlantic Plumbing Street in 2030.
The apartment is located in the Shaw neighborhood in Northwest Washington, co-built by JBG and the capital of Walton Street, designed by architect Maurice Admi. The most famous is his building in the meat gathering area on Manhattan's Manhattan strip.
Next door apartment and rental building at 2112 Cannon Street
Northwest was built on the basis of a pipeline supply warehouse, hence its name.
Like the New York architecture designed by architects, the Atlantic pipeline development has a contemporary style and the glass walls are defined and supported by metal outer frames, creating a super building
A pattern the size of a brick.
"We want a large glass building, but it fits the language of a lot of brick houses nearby," Adjmi said . " Head of Morris Admi Architects in New York
"The metal structure has a channel similar to the factory wall.
"Adjmi was hired by James Nozar, senior vice president of development at JBG because Nozar found that Adjmi designed his favorite New York building.
Adjmi said: "When I visited the Atlantic pipeline site, it reminded me of the Williamsburg community in Brooklyn, where it had deviated from the routine when I first started building there.
"This part of Shaw is close to the U Street corridor, but it is still a transitional community between the area and Howard University.
"Gum Wall: upon returning to New York City, Adjmi was inspired by the industrial landscape on the train track.
He said: "Some buildings are being reused while others are in a state of decay, but one thing I have been noticing is the plants and vines that grow on abandoned buildings.
"I love the combination of naturally softened rough industrial buildings, so I designed containers for the roof terrace of the Atlantic Plumbing building.
The 2030 building will also grow vines on top of the rooftop clubhouse.
Adjmi and JBG salvaged some of the signs from the original warehouse and even retained a "gum wall" from the adjacent Club 9: 30 as an interior decoration of the 2112 building.
"People used to put gum on the wall when they went out to smoke at concerts, and the wall became this interesting feature," Adjmi said . ".
"I tried to bring the artifacts and use them to connect the new buildings to the existing blocks.
Adjmi's attention to detail extends to his interior design for the Atlantic pipeline, where there is an industrial pipeline
Brian more, senior vice president of development at JBG, said it looks like cork floors are lined up in each corridor to add a bit of New York style to the building.
"Morris designed the elevator doors with etched accordion patterns, so they looked like old-
"In commercial buildings, the doors are old-fashioned," said Moore . ".
Living in a glass box: the glass wall is a sign of the Atlantic Plumbing building and a sign of contemporary architecture
Open floor plan, engineered hardwood floors, removable kitchen island, smooth stainless steel appliances, engineered quartz counters similar to concrete, and fixtures and finishes in style like the subway tile tailgate.
Cabinets open like garage doors and are a mix of open and closed shelves.
A smooth stainless steel shelf spans the tailgate for additional storage space, with similar shelves installed in each bathroom.
"These units have the option of choosing two color palettes for the floor, cabinet and counter," said Moll . ".
"We replace them on the first floor so buyers can choose the same unit in different colors.
"Unit 204, a primary unit --
Bedrooms with an area of 540 square feet have been sold.
But there are 504 units of similar size.
The price is $454,900 and the apartment cost is $353 per month.
The unit feels larger than its size because of the use of its windows, high ceilings and barn doors that open and close to hide the bedroom area.
Pocket doors in the bathroom allow access from the unit Hall and bedroom.
Unit 402 features a bedroom and a bathroom for $639,900.
It has a built-in
In the bar of ground granite, the walls of open shelves and pipes used as curtain rods are details. This 751-square-
The apartment costs $491 per month.
"We have five in the South.
"Facing the penthouse, each has a spiral staircase that connects the main living level to the attic area that has access to the private terrace," said Moll . ". Bedroom-
Closet: There are also four penthouse apartments.
PH1 penthouse, 1,850 square feet, 700 square meters-square-
Foot balcony with a unit price of $ month. 999 million.
There are two units in this unit.
Define side fireplace in living room and dining area and master suite with bedroom-size walk-
In the closet, a bedroom with windows and a private bathroom with an extended sink with two taps.
The unit has a second bedroom and a second full bathroom.
Most of the facilities of this 2030-square-meter building are on the roof, where residents can enjoy the roof and the terrace of the city's monuments. A glass-
The enclosed community room on the roof includes a dining kitchen and a glass room partition for private parties.
There's a glass nearby.
Closed fitness center. The 25-
Bicycle storage and concierge services are available in the parking lot.
There are two more parking spaces, $49,500 each.
"Once we have completed the rental building across the street, residents in 2030 will be able to pay a small annual fee to use their facilities, including a rooftop pool, two clubs, a movie room and a larger fitness center. "
Catering and shopping: Atlantic Plumbing is located in the neighborhood of several restaurants and bars and adjacent to Club 9: 30 music center.
Plans to open more restaurants and shops in the ground floor of the two residential buildings and nearby Shay apartments, including one of the nearby restaurant groups, the owner of the Red Apron, birch trees and barley, iron gates and other popular restaurants.
A new landmark theater will be built in building 2112.
School: Cleveland Elementary School, Cardoso secondary school and high school education campus.
Transportation: Green Line and Yellow line service are within walking distance of U Street and Shaw/Howard University Metro station;
There are many bus lines in the area.
Michele Lerner is a freelance writer. r.
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