Dermot Bannon: How to make the most of a redundant playroom - room divider wall

by:EBUNGE     2019-07-16
Dermot Bannon: How to make the most of a redundant playroom  -  room divider wall
Architects and TV stars answer your home improvement questions. Our two-
Half-story housedetached.
Next to our kitchen, we have a playroom that is no longer in use.
Our children have grown up and become redundant.
Our two concerns are: 1.
We want to take the car down-
Against the wall between the two rooms, open the kitchen into the game room.
The game room has two doors leading to the living room.
We wanted to keep most of the kitchen but we wanted to put it in the Woodburning stove.
Is it possible to do so on budget 2.
The kitchen and playroom are at the back of the house so they can get very dark.
We have sliding doors and French doors that need to be replaced.
How would you arrange a living, dining and kitchen area in this space, what floor would you recommend? We would love to hear any ideas that could improve the space.
Thank you, thank you very much for your letter, you and many of your clients were in the same situation when the last child left the house and you left empty nest syndrome.
When your relationship with your house goes into another phase, I think it's a good time to start over
Evaluate what you want from home and what you want it to do for you.
Nothing is worse than having a bunch of unused rooms that you only visit from time to time, and they may be a bit like the holy land of past life in the House --
Great for memories, but not very useful for you, especially when the space you use is small.
I assume that the living room you mentioned in front of the house is used daily, so it makes no sense to keep the playroom, especially if it has never been used.
Your existing kitchen and dining room feels a bit small and you can definitely benefit from the extra space.
So yes, I will seriously consider removing the wall between the two rooms and creating a little extra space --
But be careful what you do.
Once you push down the wall, you have two options;
Create a living/seating space in the kitchen or larger kitchen/dining room.
Because this space is connected to the living room in front of the House (
I will not lose this because it will bring light through the house from the front)
, You may not need a second living space, or you may like the idea of having a small seating area in the kitchen.
You are the only one who can decide this because only you know how you use the house.
If you decide that you need a second seating area in the house, I will put it in the existing playroom because it will be more comfortable and private as a party space, and then, stove or built-in can be used-
Unit on the shelf.
If you are happy to keep the living room in front, but need extra space in the kitchen, I will use the playroom as a dining area and leave more space in the kitchen, extend the island unit to the back wall of the kitchen, giving you more room for the countertop preparation.
This will then face the restaurant and have a good connection with that room and the garden.
You mentioned in your letter that you wanted to put a stove in the area.
If you keep the seat in the kitchen comfortable, I would consider using a stove to separate the two areas like a mini room partition.
You can even consider using double
The stove on the side is visible from the comfort and kitchen/dining area.
Using the room partition gives a lovely open feel that makes the kitchen and dining space feel bigger, but it makes the seating space feel more comfortable, just like the comfort in the bar --
Yes, you are part of a larger space, but it can be close to you when you need it.
If you're going to use the old playroom as a dining area, I'll put the stove on the old back wall of this room so you can see it from anywhere, but make sure it's not too close to the table, because it may be a little uncomfortable if it's too hot.
If the budget can extend to this, it would be great to open the back corner of the current dining area to the garden.
Although there is already a set of existing double doors open from this room, I would love to remove part of the wall where the clock is located and replace it with a glass corner, this will open the space for the beautiful garden you have.
This will automatically make the whole space feel bigger and brighter.
Regarding the floor material, I will try to keep it very simple and keep it as natural as possible.
The tiles in the room did make it feel cold and practical, so I wanted to change it and introduce some wood that could run through the whole area, or you can put some tiles or stones in the wet part of the kitchen.
Enjoy the extra space you recycle at home now and wish you good luck with your project.
The tiles or stones in the kitchen area look good when paired with warm wood floors.
"If the budget can extend to this, it would be great to open the back of the existing dining area to the garden. . .
It automatically makes the whole space feel bigger and brighter. ” A well-
The placed stove can act as a room partition which will give you a lovely opening
Plan the feel while creating a comfortable seating area.
Not only can you use the stove, but you can also use the built-in comfortable seat area
Unit on the shelf.
The open dining area to the garden not only has a wonderful view, but also helps to bring the outside into the space and give the space a feeling of relaxation.
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