Debbie Travis: Design your own creative sweet spot - contemporary desk

by:EBUNGE     2020-05-29
Debbie Travis: Design your own creative sweet spot  -  contemporary desk
We all have the ability to create.
It may exist in the imagination, forming a new idea that leads to a fascinating story.
Some people can draw or carve, some people can design furniture and buildings.
Our senses share the responsibility of providing food for the creativity of nature.
There are many forms of inspiration-
By watching the breathtaking views, listening to our favorite music, enjoying a special meal with a unique flavor that we have never tasted, stroking the fibers of luxurious fabrics.
But how often do we give ourselves time or space to enjoy and expand our creative energies?
Peacock ha Peacock is the author of a new book, your creative workspace.
This is her published "Sweet live style guide for home office studio decoration".
The Peacock's concern is that the core desire to creatively express who we are has almost disappeared.
For most of us, it is pushed aside and picked up when there is more time.
Or, even worse, there is never nutrition.
Peacock is the founder of sweet spot style and has many creative colleagues and friends all over the world.
She visited their home or business and focused on how they could create unique spaces for their creative pursuits.
There are tips that outline the basics and the book even breaks the sweet-
How to organize works of art and build a space that welcomes work to provide on-site space for children.
Sweet review-
Spot spaces provides great inspiration for bringing together your own little corners.
The Peacock assured us that the cost was not included in the equation.
You can design your space almost anywhere.
There is the office of the personal stylist Stasia Savasuk, hiding at one end of the corridor upstairs.
Her whimsical talent is reflected in a large window with a colorful pile of CDs, a small bulletin board with photos, and a built-in
There is also a small table on the shelf that looks very homemade.
Anna Margaret is the owner of Le Souk, "This is a boutique inspired by textiles, tourism and women's power --all [her]
Fashion designers are women.
Anna Margaret's office shown here turned out to be a cabinet.
Exciting decor including walls
Drawn by her partner, there are baskets and drawers.
The plywood table provides plenty of space.
The workspace is small but dynamic and ready to inspire.
This picture is also where Johanna Stark calls himself.
Stark is a graphic designer and illustrator who mainly draws or draws patterns inspired by the diversity of nature.
Her work table extends along a window, and her tools are neatly piled together.
Next to her is a metal mesh with a recent sketch on it, which is easy to get in and out as work progresses.
Lighting is always important.
Stark lives in Sweden, but in the dark, dull winter he is heading south.
Her work space is easy to move with her.
Sweetness is as diverse as the creative personality that produces them.
In the author's office, an antique chair sits at a contemporary desk and is placed on working horses that are also shelves.
Seriously consider building a sweet place for your inner creative self.
You may be surprised and happy with what happens next.
Debbie Travis's "home" section is produced by Debbie Travis and Barbara Dingle.
The problem with the email is to house2home @ debbietravis. com.
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Visit Debbie's website, Derby Travis. com.
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