damage done, dream shattered, they picked up the pieces to face life anew | hyderabad news - times of india - wooden partition wall

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damage done, dream shattered, they picked up the pieces to face life anew | hyderabad news - times of india  -  wooden partition wall
Hyderabad: she applied for six U. S. visas.
But the US consulate in Hyderabad refused her application every time.
Reason: the fingerprint of her injured finger is not registered on the bioRice machine. Sravani Bongu (23)
At Saidabad in LIC Colony, waiting at the 107 bus stop for her father B Prakash Goud to pick her up on her way home from college, she was seriously injured in the explosion.
Sravani was injured multiple times and underwent three plastic surgery-
On her face, fingers (left hand)and neck.
Still, her fingers are "deformed ".
Despite the many challenges, one year after the attack, Sravani completed her BTech from the Nova Institute of Engineering and Technology in the Reddy district of Ranga.
She is not an ordinary student because she ranks first in college.
See the lemon seller whose head is still flying: the day of fate is forever engraved in the memory of Abdul Jabbar (45)
A street vendor.
Jabbar was injured in his chest and arm, and he still sells lemons in the same area at the bottom of the Indira Gandhi statue in dilsuhnagar.
When he saw the human head flying, he was not intimidated by the matter, Jabbar said he was not afraid.
"My time will come when Allah calls me, but I hope that those responsible for the explosion will be hanged," he said . ".
After the explosion, all the vendors in Jabbar left the area.
"I made '100 'on Tuesday to sell lemons, but I used to earn '400-
The explosion 500 days ago.
People are no longer here, and the number of vendors has dropped from 300 in the past to 40.
"It's 50 years old now," said rude Jabbar.
Since his name was not on the original injury list, he had to run from the post to get compensation from the government for 000.
In the absence of the help of the government, the young man ended the shopHederabad: 20-fouryear-
On the evening of February 21, 2013, a bomb exploded near the mobile store in dilsuhnagar, and the old S. Shravan had not recovered from the shock.
Although a wooden partition wall in his shop protected him from flying balls on that day of fate, he could not save his business.
After the terrorist attacks, the government did not give any compensation, and more losses forced him to close the store within a year.
"The explosion happened just a few feet away from my store, worth 40,000 of damaged goods and money on the cash counter.
After the explosion, I had to close the store as the customer's footsteps dropped sharply in the area, "said Shravan, who did not insure the store for any accidents. “My bother-in-
After the incident, Luo left Hyderabad and now lives in Jagtiyal in Karimnagar.
"Fortunately, he was not there that day," he said.
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