Dairy Investment Grant Approvals 'must be issued immediately' - sliding partition doors

by:EBUNGE     2019-08-10
Dairy Investment Grant Approvals \'must be issued immediately\'  -  sliding partition doors
Although the Ministry of Agriculture, Fisheries and Food promised at the last farmers' concession meeting in July, the application for a dairy investment grant will be held in the local office in the following week
John Comer, vice chairman and chairman of the ICMSA Committee on Agricultural Services and the environment, said that the application had only arrived at the local office now and still had not been approved to farmers.
In addition, Mr. Comer said that the new situation is that it may take a few more weeks before all applications arrive at the local office-which has led some farmers to still have more approval
"This is yet another example of a long-standing commitment being broken, and at this stage the minister must make up his mind: either to honor the commitments set out in the farmers' charter or to tell farmers very clearly, he was not prepared to meet those commitments, but was just watching the charter reveal more credibility, "said Mr comer," The farmers who applied could not accept the plan at all as early as March had not been approved, making commitments is equally unacceptable, allowing farmers to plan on the basis of those commitments, and then allowing departments to break those commitments in the end for minutes.
Farmers applying under this plan may wish to start their grant aid investment while the cows dry this fall, and in order to do so, vice president ICMSA said: "They must get approval as soon as possible, to make sure that your property is not damaged by vandals pests and destroy your crop. ". Mr.
He called on the Minister of Agriculture that the fisheries and food sector should immediately instruct its staff to issue approvals to all eligible applicants within the next two weeks so that the farmers concerned can commence their work during the appropriate time that is coming.
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