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Published by The Associated Press: December 7, 2016, 19: 12 EDT | update: December 7, 2016, 19: 13 EDT film-
It's wise that the office Christmas party is a big white demolitioncollar worker-bee life.
Put down the wine, turn off the lights, and all of a sudden, the walls of the compartments around the dull office life are blown away by heartbreak ("Apartment ")
Or Hans Gruber ("Die Hard").
However, when egg nog starts to flow in the "Office Christmas Party", the only thing that needs to break out is slow --
In addition to the movie trailer, the movie party montage has nothing, and further thinking about the sad state of the film comedy.
Director Will Sparks and Josh Gordon (
"Blade of Glory", "Switch ")
Many key ingredients have been collected for a successful Christmas party, or as stated in the film, "non-
Holiday mixer.
Holiday Sweater-
Kate McKinnon (
Who is the human resources administrator)
It is enough to meet the needs of either party alone.
But also T. J.
Courtney B. Miller
Vance, Vanessa Baer, Randall Parker and Matt Walsh and Sam Richardson are two "Veep" players.
Who wouldn't want Carol?
But the "Office Christmas Party" and its producers don't feel much about how to take advantage of its fun cast of actors, or what it wants to release.
Speck and Gordon filmed their films in a tall building in Chicago.
Get up and make a movie with all the decorations but no joke.
The actor's title is also wrong.
Jason Bateman is an executive at Zenotek, a budget-managed computer company --
Carol Vance (
Jennifer Aniston). The Bateman-
The Aniston combo often appears in mediocre comedy (
Including "switch ")
It has lost its former appeal.
However, the fresh blood in the "Office Christmas Party" is "Silicon Valley" star Miller.
His HBO program is a more sharp and intelligent imitation of the culture of internet companies.
But in his biggest
However, his role on the screen did not shake him up.
Here he is the head of the Zenotek Chicago branch, a position inherited from his late father.
The bigger job was handed over to his sister Carol, who was unhappy with her more company management.
Before his sister's sharp layoff, he had two days to turn around the profits of the branch, and he desperately organized a lavish holiday party to attract lucrative clients (Vance).
Early scenes, pre-
The best movie in the movie is the book.
Since television has largely abandoned sitcoms in the workplace, there is room for film to make up for that.
But the "Office Christmas Party", pieced together by six writers, did not have the confidence to build its story through the interaction of its employees, and it quickly became tired of office politics.
With the development of things, a prostitute (Abbey Lee)and a pimp (Jillian Bell)
Like a distant place.
The far-fetched plot of Olivia Monne's inventor's involvement.
The film seems to hang together purely to accommodate enough scenes for the "X project --
With the party out of control, the style is chaotic, the already outdated Uber and 3-D printer gags.
Even today's comedy is crazy, there is no danger at all.
Although Miller is an arched man, the film is almost enough to make a film.
Natural eyebrow power.
The best thing to say about the "Office Christmas Party" is that at least it doesn't underestimate him.
Paramount Pictures's office Christmas party was rated R by the American Film Association because of "shoddy sexual content and language, drug abuse and graphic nudity ".
Run time: 105 minutes.
One and a half of the four stars.
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