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  -  cubicle walls
Stephanie Darrall update: At 13: 23 on September 17, 2011, the owner of the leisure center called Kent police station after finding holes in the locker room wall.
Tom, who is worried about peeping, may spy on an uninformed family at the Sittingborne swallow leisure center, raising concerns for his father.
John Franklin, 36.
Four weeks ago, when he took four kids, he found two holes.
Age seven, ten, eleven and fourteen
Swim during school breaks.
He said he reported this at the time, but was shocked to see the hole not filled when he returned to the center.
Mr. Franklin said: "There is an investigation into the family dressing room;
Look at the child.
How long has it been?
I think people need to be aware of this.
Not only did they drill a hole from the single locker room [next to it]
And the family locker room [the other side]as well.
When I brought this to their attention, they said they would do an accident report and have their maintenance team fill the holes so I left and was confident they would take action on it.
"But last week I went back and found that the same hole was still there.
However, a spokesman for Swale Community Leisure management said "immediate action" had been taken ".
The bosses have spoken to the police and have called on customers to immediately report any suspicious situation they have found.
Mr. Franklin said: "I temporarily stopped using this center because they had the same problem before they renovated the dressing room, and now this is happening again.
'We take this matter very seriously, 'the spokesman said.
We can confirm that action to fill the gap has been taken immediately.
"Customer security is critical, in addition to filling the holes, we have added inspections in the dressing room and asked the customer to notify the employee immediately when they see any suspicious behavior.
"We want our actions to reassure our customers about the need to add business around the factory. '.
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