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by:EBUNGE     2019-07-03
  -  cubicle walls
According to the Daily Mail reporter update: At 10: 27 on May 11, 2011, a student wearing a female rubber mask while watching women in the shopping center toilet escaped from prison.
Joel Hardman, 22, also took a jet.
Black wig so he can sneak into the women's toilet without being noticed at Birmingham Bullring.
Described in court as a horse student of a smart man, obtained sexual satisfaction from listening to women using the toilet
The recording was even recorded.
Hardman had previously admitted that he was watching someone's performance in private to meet his sexual needs. He said he initially entered the women's toilet at the University of Birmingham.
But a month before he was caught, he turned to the bullring.
There were 276,000 visitors on the opening day-
Because it is "busy.
In April 3, a female shopper finally found Hardman in a pale skin mask and a black wig.
She reported to an employee at the mall that she saw someone entering the women's toilet and looked like a "mannequin ".
Security officials seized Hardman as he tried to leave after an explosion from a cubicle.
The graduate student admitted that he liked "listening to the lady urinating ".
He was also found to have taken three pictures on his mobile phone of the woman's foot under the wall of the compartment --
There is even a strange recording, which seems to be the sound of the toilet flushing.
Jonathan Purser, the prosecution, said: "A lot of people have seen the gentleman wearing a mask and a wig.
Some people are afraid of his appearance.
Sophia Ali, who defended, claimed that Hardman was "ashamed and embarrassed" by his actions, fearing that any conviction could affect the master's curriculum.
She also added that five years after he was ordered to register as a sex offender, he felt remorse and accepted the help he needed.
Sergeant John mahuini of the Birmingham Central Police Station patrolling the bullring said: "hardman frightened innocent women for his own satisfaction.
"Thankfully, the security personnel responded quickly and detained him on the spot.
"Thanks to their actions and the vigilance of the public, they reported the suspicious behavior of Hardman, and others were not targeted.
The district judge from Edgbaston, Birmingham, told Hardman that they had a responsibility to protect the public.
He got three.
Yesterday, the Birmingham Public Security Court issued the annual community order and treated the sex offender.
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