cr to take off seats adjacent to doors, drop metro-type plan | mumbai news - times of india - partition wall with door

by:EBUNGE     2019-08-23
cr to take off seats adjacent to doors, drop metro-type plan | mumbai news - times of india  -  partition wall with door
Mumbai: Central Railway (CR)
Seat arrangements will be modified by removing seats near the entrance/exit door, increasing the passenger load per train by 750 passengers.
The decision was made after a 21-year-old commuter, Bhavesh Nakate, fell from a running train between Diva and Kopar and died on last November.
From December 2015, China Resources has tried three seating arrangements to increase passenger capacity.
It brought in the subway.
In addition to the test 2x2 seat arrangement and the removal of the seat near the door, the longitudinal seat is partially typed in the passenger car.
A senior official said, "the Subway
Type and 2x2 arrangement do not have a good impression on the commuter.
We received a positive response to the seating next to the demolition door.
Railway activist Subhash Gupta said, "it's a good thing for CR to decide to scrap the subway --
Type arrangement.
It should be replaced with 2x2 seats.
Himanshu Shukla, another commuter, said, "with a significant increase in passenger capacity, it is a better idea to cancel the seat.
I hope this will help prevent accidents.
"There are 76 harrows in the main corridor of CR.
Another senior official said, "five harrows have been revised using insider power and resources.
We plan to appoint a contractor to revise the others.
"When they come to the Matunga workshop for regular maintenance, four harrows can be modified in a month.
The official said, "Our goal is to revise at least 50 seats in 12 months. ” A 12-
The car Harrow can carry up to 4,500 people.
The official said, "there will be 65-
70 seats are reduced, but this will increase the passenger capacity of the coach by 750.
"All the changes will only be made in the trailer compartment without the motor.
First class coaches and carriages reserved for women will not be modified.
The official said, "since additional passengers will put pressure on the axle load, it will affect safety if the axle load breaks, so no changes have been made to the car coach.
In addition, excessive problems
The General Inter-shift congestion and related casualties are large.
"CR will also reduce the length of partitions on both sides of the access channel.
"Most passengers stand near the partition wall at the entrance.
We shorten the length of the partition, so there will be fewer people blocking access to and from space, "he said.
The CR will also remove the valley gutters on eight doors of the trailer compartment, so that the 10 passengers hanging on each door will have the power to use the extra standing space inside.
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