Couple wanted to add back porch but ended up adding in instead - room divider wall

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Couple wanted to add back porch but ended up adding in instead  -  room divider wall
Susan newwell and I think they want a show. in porch.
They changed a new kitchen, family room and laundry room.
No need to add on the House.
When they bought a new one
A colony on a dead Road. de-
This is their dream house in Chevy Chase.
For several years, they have watched a "difficult seller" put it on the market before taking it off and turning it into a rental property.
When it went on sale again in 1999, they had a big win.
According to public records, Newells paid $585,000 for the four bedrooms, which included a master bedroom
Floor master bedroom, separate living and dining room, spacious kitchen, study room, laundry room and a full basement
The main and upper floors are 3,200 square feet and the basement is 1,700 square feet.
They know they get a lot, and a year later, when another house in their cluster is sold for $230,000, that's confirmed.
After moving in, newness invited a contractor to finish the basement.
This gives Tim, the federal IT contractor, his own office;
Susan also works for the government and she has a separate space for crafts and projects.
Having two kids and then in middle school, the big new media room downstairs is an advantage.
The couple thought that the perfect place for this place was a porch at the back of the house.
Update of kitchen 1980.
So they sat down with Bruce Wentworth, the architect of Wentworth design/construction, who came up with an overall plan and made some numbers on their ideas.
Tim said in an email: "Adding a porch is more expensive than we expectedmail.
"So we decided to make our existing space more meaningful (
We use it all the time)
More useful than adding another room we use less often.
Besides, Wentworth's soupto-
The nut company will build the project and even help choose the paint color to design a compelling design for the kitchen.
Part of it includes a small room inside the front door.
Entering from the wide hall, it is separated from the rest of the main floor and is perfect for a quiet study or library in family traffic.
For an informal living space close to the kitchen area, which is not so perfect, the kitchen area is the gold standard for current American homes.
Journalists jokingly called the space their "red TV Room ".
Wentworth calls it "a study or something else that is isolated from the rest of the house.
"New kitchen/family room plan centered on getting rid of that room. So they did.
In addition, "we were able to integrate wasted space, wasted closets in corridors," Wentworth said . ".
So nothing was added to the footprints of the house.
"We don't need more space," said Tim . "
The front of the house is a lively family center.
Combined kitchen and family room with floor-to-
Ceiling cabinets that separate the area.
Wentworth called the device a "room partition ";
Newells called it the building ".
One side of the kitchen is the brightly colored alderwood cabinet, which is used to make up for the food storage room and wine refrigerator that have been eliminated.
On one side of the family room, there are only two beautiful boards and a wooden "bridge" that spans the top ".
"It's very practical," Wentworth said . ".
"It provides a background for [the sofa]
Family room]
People can go from space to space through it.
But when the building is just an idea on paper, it's hard for journalists to tell if they like it or not.
So once the kitchen and the study were destroyed, Wentworth made his carpenter have a hard time --
Copy of the size, right on site.
The couple trust simulation
Up and Wentworth's sense of design, the project continues to be the 2010 finalists in the residential interior design category of the annual capital contractor award, issued by the National Remodeling Industry Association.
In the new space, the room partition is not the only storage space. Two family-
There are fresh white floors on the walls of the room. to-
Ceiling shelves and lower cabinets.
There is an empty space in the middle of the wall opposite the sofa to accommodate a large apartment
Screen TV, echoing the space in the partition.
"They now have more storage than before," Wentworth said . ".
On the kitchen side of Isang Island, counter seating and lighting are available.
A filling corner of a small table and chair.
Cream-colored beige island countertops are made of recycled glass and concrete with colorful tailgates-
All gold, Brown and Brown --
It is a mosaic of tiny, partially recycled glass bricks.
The Wentworth team made suggestions on materials and appliances, but Newells also did his own research and went to the Fretz showroom in Colombia to try 36-
What they want before buying is the inch Wolf series.
They seem to be most proud of one of the electrical tips they have learned from the HGTV show "design sale.
"Instead of spending serious, serious money on a trophy refrigerator like a submarine
They bought two 32. inch-
Wide electric device, one 161/2-cubic-
The other one is 17-cubic-
Make them into a huge building.
Units with stainless steelsteel double-
Shutter decoration kit provided by the manufacturer.
Total cost: $3,800.
The price is not expensive, but less than $9,000.
Now their son has finished college, their daughter has just started, and there are extra rooms in the house.
The master bedroom is on the main floor and when she doesn't even go upstairs, the days will pass, says Susan newwell --
She likes this.
Those rooms, plus a 14-
Gas-fueled kW backup generators mean that new power companies can welcome friends who don't have heat and lights during Pepco's periodic power outage.
The only complaint now is the children, like, "Why are you waiting until now to fix the house?
"Children may have to adapt to more emptiness --
Nest home decoration
Some landscaping work is coming, says Tim newwell, who may consider adding a porch at some point. t.
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