Cork baron's riverside retreat - sliding partition doors

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Cork baron\'s riverside retreat  -  sliding partition doors
Drinking and driving is not the same as before.
Time is up and you can pack up 8 to 10 units of alcohol and still want to drive home and bounce back from past traffic all the way.
If a garda is "making an impression" of you, it is what you said to him in court.
1954 on Christmas Day, the Southern Star reported on the case of Sir Richard St. John Jeffries kortherst, one of Baron Colthurst of blani Castle, who also had an address at Glen Mervyn's house in grammerle.
He was accused of driving a car after drinking, but he denied it.
He even denied being drunk while proving that he had drunk a lot of liquid drinks. At about 9.
At fifteen o'clock P. M. , no one, except Sergeant Garda Denis Cleary, found Colthurst weaving home from the county club, who happened to be in the car behind him.
He saw that the defendant nearly avoided colliding with another car, scattered a group of frightened cyclists in all directions, and almost took the paint off the car.
Finally, Cleary stopped the car and arrested the angry Baron. "How dare you! " he said.
"I am Sir Richard corthers of blani.
The highest time Sheriff in Dublin!
"At Garda Station on Mike Curtain Street, he refused to be examined by a doctor.
"I'm drunk," he shouted to Gady, who had gathered together.
"Take Me to the county club and I drank you all under the table.
"He told the court that he was not drunk at all.
After all, he only had two cocktails before dinner.
He drank a bottle of wine during the meal and a few drinks after the meal.
However, there is a problem with the judge not being convinced to be sober --
He sentenced corthers to sin and suspended his 12-month licence. (
When things happen, the prospective Baron will die at the age of 67 in less than two months. )
He doesn't need to drive out at all.
Glen Mervyn's house, his Glanmire address to the Guards, was and is now a house designed for home entertainment.
One end is the ballroom, where a baron can dance the waltz with the people below drunk
The housekeeper and the guests in the restaurant were too far away to notice.
In recent years, a large amount of space within the walls of Glen Mervyn has been handed over to the office, but the sales agent says it should be a fairly simple conversion back to the home.
If so, you have a house. and-a-
The last half-
In fact, more importantly, it has 7,709 square feet and nine bedrooms.
It is built at a height of about 1870 above sea level, overlooking the Glashaboy River of Glanmire, arriving by an arched entrance door with two castle turrets on the gate, walk along a steep driveway to where the house is. 5ac.
It looks south from the river, and these multiple reception rooms are in front, taking advantage of the light and view, and all rooms are designed to flow to each other.
First the bow-
Ended the kitchen and dining room, which used to be just in the days when the servants were behind the scenes in a hurry.
There is a small study or playroom on one side of the kitchen, and the opposite wall leads to a living room with an original fireplace.
The room used to extend to what is now called a "showroom", although there is now a partition --
Easy enough to remove.
Some of the sliding doors there lead to the ballroom, the ballroom at the other end of the House, to the restaurant, and the bowended.
The ballroom covers an area of about 32ft to 25ft square meters and features a fireplace.
The kitchen and living room open into an unusual charming balcony in front of the house, about 38ft long and naturally with lovely river views.
At the same time, behind the house --
Northern elevation-
There are a variety of studios and offices, including utility rooms, kitchenettes and several toilets, most of which have to go if Glen Mervyn is to become a private home again.
This side of the house also has two flights of stairs leading to the first floor.
Some bedrooms are also used as floor bedrooms for offices.
If all the rooms upstairs become bedrooms, the agent suggests a total of nine.
However, since there are only two bedrooms with suites at the moment, some of them are more likely to become private bathrooms.
Two more rooms in the attic-
Former service staff quarters-
River View.
The reasons include four or two.
Bedroom Apartment
There are options for a separate purchase-
There is also a separate garage with planning permission that can be converted into two
Bedroom apartment.
Elsewhere, the garden features a sandstone patio and a lawn with sinking water.
Glanmire, Co corkask Price: 1 euro.
1 mAgent: Shirley G (021)
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