colin and justin: a very big garage gamble - room partition wall

by:EBUNGE     2019-08-18
colin and justin: a very big garage gamble  -  room partition wall
A few weeks ago, on these pages, we showed a complete remodel of the suburban garage.
When we found it, it seemed to have passed through the eye of the storm.
That column broke down our personal website.
The response we received was great.
Mainly from women who have lived with their partners in unruly ways for too long, and because of our projects, they have finally seen the light.
Yes, a group of veritable "enough" wives finally found a legitimate excuse for their lads to be in bahooky (
By the way, this is Glasgow's statement to the bottom)
And ask their people to speed up all the illegal garages.
Because our Renault has attracted so much attention, we thought that when our iron is still hot, we will unveil your style --
Hungry and delicious, another shed remodel.
This time, however, we will take the space needed in a completely different direction.
Our client, Wes, was lucky enough to cut it in half. literally —
Plenty of parking and the Ultimate Game Room.
You see, what our lad likes most is to give his wife space from time to time and communicate with men in poker --Crazy indulgence.
Hovering at his favorite gambling outpost, we couldn't help but feel sorry for our card --shuffling pal.
In the original incarnation, the garage looks more like a nest of serial killers than an organized and useful space.
In fact, if we were to throw it in a white poodle, a ball of butterflies and some disjointed body parts, it would be perfect again because it was the silence of the lamb Buffalo Bill
Everything must change, obviously.
The space it represents is a veritable surface nightmare.
Installation of wiring, unreliable lighting and trip hazards.
It should be reported that the House of our client is not so chaotic.
Of course, there is a tasting bypass in each room, but at least it is very clean and ordered safely.
Although Wes's home has received our attention, his garage has undergone the most intensive surgery.
The main condition of our client is: whatever we plan, it should be more powerful than a bitch.
Further research shows he wants a male field. . .
What he wants is the atmosphere of the barrel.
The room should feel dramatic, and its aesthetics should draw on the dark days of "wine in the front, poker in the back" rather than a legitimate gambling place like the Rama casino.
Can we win the deal?
Let's look at the odds. . .
Before solving the finer elements of the project, we carved the huge outer house into two pieces through the combination of bolts and partition walls.
It is worth remembering, however, that if similar spaces are cut, pay attention to "future proofreading ".
"For this, we make sure that the remaining garage part is large enough to accommodate a family car.
The last thing you want to do is find a potential buyer to get out of your deal because it's hard for them to park.
We have a lot of space to use in our wealth, and even after the split, we have the rest of the car space --
And the resulting playroom.
Is a considerable proportion.
Our clients asked us to create a moody atmosphere, and we planned a plan to draw on from Amy Winehouse's most popular lyrics.
So it went back to black and became the order of the time.
All existing brick walls are re-colored matte black, and our new wall is decorated with a slightly textured graphite tone of paper to increase the textureand visual —relief.
And since it is only applied to one field, we only use one roll of paper.
Therefore, it is a measure of style and economy.
The existing concrete floor is in good condition and flat.
In order to re-invent it as a relevant part of our plan, we used a wear-resistant oil-based floor paint.
Tip: Don't waste time on such work
A jacket with a lot of holes will be worn uneven.
With this in mind, before applying two or three lighter coatings, make sure the surface is polished smooth and polished with medium grade sandpaper between each carefully applied layer.
We installed a large natural floor to soften the look and provide extra comfortCarpet.
It's good to chase this moody aesthetic, but if you don't balance everything and have lighter color notes here and there, there's a risk of overbearing the results of completion.
Believe it or not, dining tables and chairs start living at Ikea's pier of the same name.
Of course it was white in its original incarnation, but we re-colored it with waterbased eggshell.
Tip: Do not use a brush for work like this;
Choose a small foam roller.
Apply paint in smooth and even motion to make sure you don't leave "cut" lines on the surface.
Once again-
A few light coats (
Leave enough drying time between each)
It's always better than an over-enthusiastic treatment.
We have partnered our final results with the classic Eiffel chairs, which, although designed in 1950, still look up to date.
The three white elevated Globes extending down from the center of the ceiling illuminate the black-dominated space and emit lights.
For the chair level task lighting, we chose the shiny angle balance side light to provide flashing and directional lighting as needed.
We always have a good impression on these comfortable chairs.
Designed by cobussier, at 1929 Salon d'Automne (
Advanced exhibitions of painting, sculpture, architecture and design techniques)
These are leather replicas from black to pure white.
Also ergonomic sound and beauty, these chairs go beyond taste and time and look great in any application.
In fact, we had two of these rooms in our London apartment and they walked with us through several capitals.
Use our playroom for artistic creation
Inspired by the design, we tracked the playing cards pattern art prints and placed them in a soft gray stand under a shiny steel frame. A tongue-in-
Of course, in addition to adding design style cheeks.
No bar, what area will be complete?
To keep everything simple, we specified the trestle legs and covered the trestle legs with custom tempered glass.
Filled with ice buckets and gadgets at the top of the bar and working with silver
We imagine that the bar area is facing the refrigerator, providing the lads with all the perks they need to shoot dice in the early hours of the morning.
Next week: Using our recent time, I am a celebrity and let me leave here for a stay, we make up a bedroom and not just a nod to the jungle.
Colin mcalist and Justin Ryan are hosts of family robberies between HGTV Colin and Justin (
Two o'clock P. M. and 7 on Saturday. m. )
Author of Colin and Justin's family robbery style guide published by Penguin Group (Canada).
Follow them on twitter @ collinjustin or Facebook.
Contact them through their website www. colinandjustin. tv.
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