cold storage fire rages on after 72 hours | lucknow news - times of india - collapsible wall

by:EBUNGE     2019-08-18
cold storage fire rages on after 72 hours | lucknow news - times of india  -  collapsible wall
Lucknow: The Fire Department and the government have been trying to put out the fires that have been raging in the RK Mills cold storage in ashbagh for the past 72 hours.
The government got help from Lucknow Metro and took control of the fire on Thursday.
Residents of the nearby standard apartment have left home due to smoke billowing from the warehouse.
Residents Shirin said 5 of the 13 families in the complex left after a fire on Monday night.
Class X student Zuberia complained about choking and coughing due to smoking.
Lucknow district judge Kaushal Raj Sharma said LMRC's equipment helped remove the outside walls, and the thin pipes brought firefighters closer to the warehouse where the fire was raging.
"It will take some time to completely put out the fire," Sharma said . ".
At the same time, Chief Fire Officer (Lucknow)
Abpandey noted that the owners did not follow the correct fire guidelines.
Pandi says all fire rules.
There was a battle in the warehouse.
"There is no sprinkler system, no heat and smoke ventilation systems, and no foldable wall systems, and firefighters can remove them if such an event occurs," he said . ".
Pandey also told TOI that it was the responsibility of the District Gardening officer to issue a permit to the warehouse.
When TOI approached the regional gardening officer (Lucknow)
DK Verma, who says the refrigeration permit was issued by DM, is the final authority.
"We only submit NOCs to the relevant SDM, which is submitted to the DM for final approval," Verma said . ".
As far as RK Mills is concerned, they purchased four-
Obtain the annual license for 2014 by paying additional fees.
However, according to the specification, the fire department must check the fire NOC every year.
"But the owner of the storage got a license for four years, so he managed to avoid the annual check," Verma said . ".
DM said: "The top priority is to put out fire.
After that, we will determine the responsibility.
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