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Are we in recession? ;
Health care plan for presidential candidates;
Raids on Afghanistan
The Rockefeller family released a challenge on April 30, 2008.
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Tony Harris, cnn anchor: Good morning, everyone.
I'm Tony Harris.
CNN anchor fredricka whitfield: I'm Fredricka Whitfield from Heidi Collins.
On the last Wednesday of April, the CNN newsroom continued to develop.
The following is about the defeat.
WHITFIELD: cut or take it?
A few hours later, the Fed's bankers announced their decision on key interest rates.
Harris: fighting near Baghdad.
Young people and innocent people are caught in the middle.
Austrian police are investigating every corner of the man's life.
No one knows what's going on with his other family in the cellar?
Incest investigation in newsroom
Two main stories about "Question 1, economy", one is about the decision on interest rates, which may go deep into your pocket, and the other is about new developments in recession.
We are here to discuss GDP with CNN senior business reporter Ali Velshi and our currency team.
Let's start with GDP. Ali, .
6%. if you give me a raise.
6% I would say keep it.
Ali Wahi, CNN senior business correspondent: That's right.
The only thing is if I can't give you a raise.
6% I gave you a raise.
6% last year you will be very angry because you will think I give you less.
It is the same.
So the number of GDP.
6%, this is the same as in early 2008 and the same as at the end of 2007.
On the one hand, this is good news.
The economy, measured by GDP, is not shrinking.
Let me tell you what GDP is.
GDP is the total market value of goods and services produced by specific countries in a specific period of time.
This is a very broad measure of the economy.
What we know is that the first three months of this year are not negative.
What does this have to do with the recession?
We usually use GDP to measure whether we are in recession or not.
The National Bureau of Economic Research is an organization that tells you when you are in recession or not, I don't know what they are doing between the two, NBER did not define recession as two consecutive quarters of real GDP decline.
We talk about two quarters.
Rather, they say, the recession is a significant decline in economic activity throughout the economy for more than a few months.
Tony, this is the kimchi we eat.
GDP is still above zero.
We know we lost our job.
We know house prices have fallen.
We know that oil prices have risen.
We know about inflation.
Are we or are we not?
Harris: Let me tell you, look at this new definition. it sounds like we are.
We're talking about a mortgage crash.
We're talking about the credit crunch.
We are talking about unemployment.
It sounds like we are.
That's what most Americans think.
We leave technical problems to experts.
The Fed, the people who are meeting today, are making decisions about interest rates.
A few hours later, the decision was announced at 2: 15 Eastern time.
Are they sitting there now and saying we will cut rates again?
If we lower interest rates, it will bring more money, and maybe some businesses will expand and hire more people.
Consumers will have more money.
This will stimulate the economy.
This is usually considered a good thing if your economy is slow.
Except that you know what happens to people who have more money and spend it, it can lead to inflation.
We know Tony, we talked a lot between gas prices, corn, wheat, chicks. Yes, all of this, we are already inflation.
This is a difficult situation.
I think it's smarter to be with this man. I just feel -
Nice to meet you, Ali.
Thank you for your help this morning.
Another day, another record, the pain of the president of the pump.
The price of gasoline has reached a new high, AAA said. Almost $3.
62 a gallon today
This sparked a new debate in the presidential campaign.
Hillary Clinton and John McCain agreed to suspend federal gas taxes during the summer.
Obama called it a political stunt. (
Start Video Editing)SEN.
Hillary Clinton (D-NY)
Presidential candidate: I will reduce gas prices immediately by temporarily suspending gas taxes on consumers and businesses.
We will pay this by imposing an unexpected profit tax on big oil companies.
They can certainly afford it. SEN. BARACK OBAMA (D-IL)
Presidential candidate: Let me tell you something.
This is not an idea for you to spend the summer.
This is an idea designed to get them through the election. (END VIDEO CLIP)
WHITFIELD: most Democrats want time to tax oil companies' unexpected profits.
Although costs may eventually be passed on to consumers.
Earlier, on CNN's "American Morning" program, an oil executive said it was time for lawmakers to consider increasing domestic production. (
Start Video Editing)
John Hofmeister of PRES
Shell Oil: The presidential candidate should say in the post, let's increase domestic oil production by 2 million to 3 million barrels a day.
This will put the money back in the country, put jobs back in the country, and bring more supply to the Americans who need it. (END VIDEO CLIP)
WHITFIELD: Shell Oil's John Hofmeister says Washington needs to drill fast on the Alaska coast and the state's Arctic National Wildlife Sanctuary.
These efforts have been bogged down by environmental problems.
Harris: political prescription about your health care.
John McCain is promoting his plan again today.
How about the Democratic proposal?
CNN's election correspondent Dan Lothian reports.
Nice to meet you, Dan.
Sir, please let us know these plans if you like.
Dan lothian, cnn correspondent: Yes.
The plans are clearly aimed at both Republicans and Democrats, who are on two different pages, but they are all talking about health care, and the reason they do so is because it's very critical.
This is important.
Voters have expressed this and said it is very important for them, so all candidates are providing solutions. (Start Video)
LOTHIAN: from doing it yourself to having the federal government do it for you.
All three presidential candidates are prescribing the health care system in the United States.
Senator John McCain wants you to choose to buy cheaper health insurance so he can provide a tax credit ---
$2,500 for individuals and $5,000 for families. SEN. JOHN MCCAIN (R-AZ)
Presidential candidate: Insurance companies can no longer take your business for granted, they offer narrow plans for rising costs.
This will help to change the overall dynamics of the current system of bringing individuals and families back to power.
LOTHIAN: But critics say thousands of dollars of credit will only cover a fraction of the actual medical expenses.
For example, the average plan for a family of four is more than $12,000.
And pre-people
Insurance may be blocked from existing conditions.
Democrats are on a completely different path.
Both support some sort of federal-mandated universal health insurance, but make a difference in who should be covered.
Senator Clinton says all Americans
Clinton: When it comes to health care, I believe with all my heart that health care is a right, not a privilege.
Everyone should get high quality, affordable health care.
LOTHIAN: Senator Obama supports a plan to cover only children.
Make insurance affordable for everyone else.
Obama: I don't think the problem is that people don't want health care.
Because they can't afford it. (END VIDEOTAPE)
LOTHIAN: both Democratic candidates are running in Indiana today.
They will have four activities each.
Of course, they will talk about health care, but more importantly, they will focus on economic issues.
Senator Clinton pointed out that jobs, jobs, jobs-Tony.
Harris: Okay.
Dan Lothian for us this morning.
Dan, thanks.
Learn more about CNNpolitics candidates. com. CNNpolitics.
Com is the source of all political affairs.
WHITFIELD: put more manpower into the western wildfire.
The plane and more staff are fighting a fire in the south of Grand Canyon National Park.
It is estimated to have consumed 2,000 acres of land.
Officials believe the fire was Man-Made. made.
Unidentified man: caused by abandoned or unattended campfire.
Some people related to this are being interviewed.
WHITFIELD: no structure was damaged.
The fire was not controlled in the past or now.
Renault staff are still fighting the bush.
Half 1,200.
Including the acre fire.
At some point yesterday, the fire briefly closed a highway that threatened some families and forced the school to evacuate.
Officials hope to receive a fire fighting plane today.
They think the fire was caused by a power cut.
Harris: You know, some parts of our country are now in danger of extreme fire.
Let's check in with Jacqui Jeras at the inclement weather center.
Good morning, Jackie.
Jacqui jeras, ams meteorologist: Hey guys.
Yes, wind. there is such a problem here today.
We're talking about a gust of 60 miles per hour.
When you throw in the already burning fire, you blow the wind so big, you get what you call burning, in this case, xiao Yu fire may blow down from a brush or a tree and push the line further.
Then you'll find these little fire spots all over the place, which really makes it harder for you to deal with it.
It's very dry here today.
Great Wind
Warm temperature.
Look at the relative humidity, 4% to 8%
We think about 30% is dry.
Just wanted to let you know how extreme the situation is today, and of course the long drought here means fuel or bushes, or the grass or yellow pine that is burning becomes so dry.
It doesn't take much to advance this fear very, very quickly.
You can see how much it has affected here.
There you can see the yellow wind warning.
So far, the wind has been quite strong, and the wind is stable in their 20 s.
Check this out; Wichita, 25; 23 in Dallas; 17 in El Paso.
Phoenix, the current wind speed is 6 miles per hour.
They really have to answer the phone.
Live Photos of Phoenix today show you the conditions there.
Is that the camel back mountain?
I believe it was provided by KTV.
The temperature was 99 degrees yesterday.
So far this year, you have not reached the standard of this century.
I don't think we will do that this week.
We will remain in the post-90 s today.
The wind is too big. we will see the area where the gust is blowing.
So be careful, especially when I-8 corridor.
As the storm system develops tomorrow, it will repair moisture in the Gulf of Mexico and interact with some cooler, dry air from the West.
This means bad weather from southern Iowa to northern Texas can continue.
Cities such as Kansas City, Omaha, and Orama will be affected by the storm tomorrow.
Harris: We will come.
This is for sure.
Thank you, Jackie.
A fierce gun battle took place in Kabul.
Afghan officials reported that seven people, including a woman and children linked to the militants, were killed.
Security forces raided several homes today to search for militants linked to the assassination of President Hamid Karzai on Sunday.
A government official allegedly acknowledged his involvement in the attack on a military ceremony.
But this morning, Afghan intelligence officials blamed the attack on militants in Pakistan.
The president escaped unscathed, but a member of parliament, a tribal leader and a child were killed.
Show military power. The U. S.
There are two aircraft carriers in the Gulf.
The USS Lincoln arrived Tuesday.
It will replace the aircraft carrier Harry. Truman.
S. Defense Secretary Robert Gates insists this is not an escalation.
He called the move a reminder to Iran.
Meanwhile, Washington continues to accuse Tehran of continuing efforts to provide weapons and training to Iraqi militants.
Harris: after a soldier's father posted a picture, the army vowed to take care of its high-rise, which was in a mess in the barracks. (
Business break)
You're in the CNN newsroom.
This is Fredricka Whitfield.
This is not a typical day for you in the office.
There is a furry, smelly tourist. (
Start Video Editing)
Unidentified male: a cow with long hair has just wandered around the office.
After a while, there will be no meeting room.
Who needs a room divider when you have a yak? (END VIDEO CLIP)
WHITFIELD: what's going on, directly in the newsroom. (
Business break)
Harris: a daughter who has been imprisoned for 24 years is reunited with a child who has been taken away from her arms.
Police are investigating her past abuse of her father.
CNN reporter Phil Black reports this morning in andsden, Austria.
Phil, give us an update if you like.
What did the authorities say about the case this morning?
Phil black, cnn correspondent: We just heard a police briefing.
We know more about the progress of the investigation and investigation.
It is worth noting that the key suspect, Joseph Fritzl, is no longer working with the authorities.
He won't answer any of their questions.
He will not make further statements to them, which means that it is their responsibility to basically rebuild his life for the past 24 years, and the life he has so closely controlled, the people he has locked in the house below, and the people he is very tightly controlled on the surface.
We also learned more about the mental and physical condition of this family that has been reunited.
Many of them met for the first time.
Basically the news there is good.
They did a good job.
They are learning to adapt to life in the sun.
They even had a spontaneous birthday party for the youngest.
Psychiatric treatment is considered by the authorities as a whole.
They talked about measures that would make their lives as comfortable as possible and allow them to re-learn about social life.
We listen to them now. DR.
Berthold kepplinger, chief physician at maul Health Clinic: The whole family can live in a fairly reasonable living area.
They can stay together, together.
They are not disturbed in this area.
They have their own personal belongings around them.
They have 10 clinic members who are ready to provide them with the assistance they need.
We ate very little and we were able to arrange a temporary birthday party.
Psychological stability.
This is a preliminary diagnosis of these family members, if you wish.
They still have a long way to go.
Harris: There's a new Fritzl video in Thailand if you can.
Maybe you can help us in this regard.
Apparently they are on vacation.
It's kind of creepy from what we know about him.
What can you tell us about this?
Black: The picture is very special.
They showed us Josef Fritzl while on holiday in Thailand and we believe there are about 1998 people.
If you put this within the time frame of his keeping his daughter captive, she was imprisoned on 1984. 14-year --
Been imprisoned for 14 years.
You can see him basking in the sun on the beach and hanging around in a swimsuit.
This is what he often does.
He is reported to be on a regular holiday to Thailand.
So the question is, how did he take care of his second secret hidden family during that time?
How do they take care of and provide?
These are the questions that the police have to answer now, because they have rebuilt the pain of the past 24 years, which seems to be the responsibility of this person.
HARRIS: It's a story.
There have been new developments.
Phil black, CNN reporter
Thanks, Phil.
WHITFIELD: if the Kennedy family beat Democrats or Ford to announce that they think there is a better way for Chevrolet, it's like.
This morning, the Rockefeller family took a stern public stand against Exxon Mobile, which traced its roots back to Standard Oil and John D, the father of the oil and gas boom. Rockefeller.
Miles O'Brien attended this extraordinary press conference in Midtown Manhattan.
Miles, what happened?
What's the problem?
Miles O'Brien, CNN's chief technology and environment correspondent: Good morning, Fred.
The problem is alternatives to fossil fuels, and the Rockefeller family believes that Exxon's management is underinvested in finding new ways to provide energy to the world.
They are worried about climate change, but they are also worried that in the long run, the bottom line of the profit-making company will change adversely.
They point out that the great, great, or dependent grandfather made his amazing fortune by providing alternative fuel.
The box for 1870 seconds is kerosene on whale oil.
This led to the establishment of Fortune Oil.
Exxon's wealth has shrunk.
Exxon has been reluctant to invest in alternatives and the Rockefeller family these days.
Long-term shareholders are pushing some shareholder resolutions and moving the company in a new direction.
They hope to set up a panel to study global warming and its impact on poor economies.
They want companies to set targets for producing greenhouse gas emissions.
They want companies to adopt renewable energy policies. (
Start Video Editing)
Great Neva Rockefeller Goodwin.
The granddaughter of John D.
Rockefeller: I would like to stress that all the resolutions of the Rockefeller family members reinforce the different aspects of the same issue.
Exxon needs to identify energy-related opportunities and strengths to complement the strengths and skills of the industry, which will soon look very different from when many of Exxon's managers start their careers. (END VIDEO CLIP)
O'Brien: specifically, they talked about Rex Tillerson, CEO and chairman.
Another resolution is to call for the division of the role, with a separate chair and a separate CEO.
Fred, 66 of John D's 78 immediate descendants
Rockefeller signed these resolutions.
They are non-binding resolutions, but they want other shareholders to hear how the Rockefeller family feels about it and push for some change in the big company.
Obviously, there are some vested interests here.
Rockefeller emphasized that.
How many shares do you have in the Rockefeller family, and how exactly do you determine the number of shares held?
We asked them this question.
The Rockefeller family says they don't know how many stocks they have.
I guess Fredricka, you're really not rich if you know how much you have, right?
WHITFIELD: That's right.
If you ask how much money you can afford.
That kind of thing.
O'Brien: Exactly right, girl.
WHITFIELD: Okay, Miles.
Thanks so much. Appreciate it.
Nice to meet you.
O'Brien: I 've been asking.
HARRIS: It's crowded and overwhelmed.
Sanjay Gupta checked hospitals in New Orleans for nearly three years after Hurricane Katrina. (
Business break)
WHITFIELD: migrant workers traveling to the United StatesS.
Reaching out in Mexico is a safe haven for corrupt police.
Even before Hurricane Katrina, the United States was ranked the lowest.
Chief medical reporter
Sanjay Gupta reported the hospital's desperate situation after the storm.
He went back. that's what he found. (Start Video)DR.
Sanjay Gupta, CNN's chief medical correspondent: packed with waiting rooms.
Fewer patients were selected.
Three years after Hurricane Katrina, hospitals in the city were in critical condition.
We were sitting in an ambulance and it was a special appeal to a woman who complained about her headache.
We need to check and see what happens.
These special caregivers receive 15 calls a day.
Which is a lot.
Every phone call has a challenge.
Find a hospital with space.
Tell me what a typical day looks like in this hospital here. DR.
James mois from Tulane Medical Center: when I walk into the emergency department at any time, there may be 10 to 15 patients waiting to see.
Because the hospital is full, the emergency department is full.
There are many patients and few hospitals.
A survey last year found that nine out of ten New Orleans residents felt the hospital was not enough to take care of them.
Half of New Orleans's hospitals have opened since Hurricane Katrina.
Think about it.
Labor costs are rising.
The cost of public utilities rose and the cost of insurance rose.
Not enough help.
When we looked into it, we had something that never happened before.
Five hospitals have combined 90% of the patients here, and they are working together to sustain their lives. DR.
Mark Peters at East Jefferson General Hospital: We're all together.
In the old pre-
In the Katrina era, it can be a good thing when your competitors don't perform well.
But if someone has to cut service now, it will have a negative impact on the rest of us.
Gupta: even with support, all five hospitals are on the verge of cutting mental health and pediatric programs.
Before the storm, the two hospitals made a total profit of $12 million.
They lost a total of $0. 135 billion last year.
Peters: The loss is unsustainable.
Gupta: It's an effect from the bottom line to the front line.
I asked the medical staff how bad the situation was with Davis lenoa.
New Orleans caregiver Davis lenowa: The worst thing that happened was that I waited five hours for a stroke.
Gupta: They said you can get to the hospital in 90 minutes, right?
Yes, sir.
Back to our emergency call.
Do you remember the woman with a numb face?
She is going to the hospital now.
From today's point of view, at least two.
Waited an hour before seeing her at the pier, even though she was taken away by an ambulance.
There's another patient in a critical city. Dr.
CNN Sanjay Gupta in New Orleans(END VIDEOTAPE)
WHITFIELD: log in to our website to get your daily health news online.
You will find the latest medical news and health library news about diet and fitness.
The address is CNN. com/health.
Harris: civilians caught in the middle.
Deadly US attackS. forces in Iraq.
The front is an open vision. (
Business break)
WHITFIELD: so it should provide him with a college education, but it only gives him a place to crash. (
Start Video Editing)
Unidentified male: I can't use G. I.
In my school I have to pay bills and tuition every month so I have to make a loan. And the G. I.
Bill, I paid my rent. (END VIDEO CLIP)
WHITFIELD: Well, veterans who serve their country say they won't be served at home.
The story in four minutes.
You're in the CNN newsroom.
This is Fredricka Whitfield.
This is Tony Harris.
Good Morning, everyone. (NEWSBREAK)
Innocent Iraqis die in Baghdad.
CNN correspondent Arwa Damon reported a deadly attack.
We would like to tell you that some of you may find some of the pictures in this story disturbing. (Start Video)
CNN correspondent arwa damon (voice-over)
: Residents of Sadr City say the damage to the houses was caused by the launch of a US rocket. S. forces. The U. S.
The military will only say that missiles were fired in areas attacked by militants.
Civilians were caught in the middle.
"They are all dead. they are all dead . "
Fighting in this densely populated Shi'ite slum of 3 million has claimed hundreds of lives in the past month.
Unidentified male (
By translation)
"I dug it out for the people.
There is a girl.
We only found her head.
I kept digging for her body, my friend and I, and then another rocket hit us.
Damon: "Oh, my God, they dragged the dead out.
"My son, my son Arawi (ph)
I want you back. (on-camera)
: The battle in Sadr City has attracted the United StatesS.
They have been trying to avoid this.
When the fighting broke out on Tuesday, an American patrol was fired, and when they tried to evacuate the wounded, two roadside bombs and rockets hit them --
That's when Americans say they launch rockets. (voice-over)
: The sadness and pain of Imam Ali Hospital are unbearable.
A mother was saddened by her young son.
"Does this look like a militia?
A man asked in front of the camera.
When the doctor tried to remove the shrapnel from the girl's face, someone ordered her to be held down.
The Iraqi government says militants are using residents of Sadr as human shields and insists fighting to clean up street militias in Baghdad will continue.
The civilians here say there is no reason for the pain they have caused them.
CNN correspondent Arwa Damon reports. (END VIDEOTAPE)
Harris: A father who stood up for his son.
His actions prompted the army to order the inspection of military camps around the world.
Edwin Frawley (ph)
Photos of these conditions were posted in Fort Bragg, North Carolina.
His son is one of the soldiers returning to base from a remote part of Afghanistan, and his father believes the troops should be treated better.
The military agreed. (
Start Video Editing)GEN.
Deputy Chief of Staff Richard CodyS.
Army: I have no words to say on TV, these young soldiers at 15-
A few months ago, I traveled in Afghanistan with these soldiers and saw their great work and the great ambassadors of the United States, who lived in a terrible environment, the hard conditions of the mountainous areas of Afghanistan.
It's not necessary to get these great heroes back to that state.
The military leadership will not let this happen, we will deal with it. (END VIDEO CLIP)
Harris: 20-
Four Barracks in Fort Bragg were built half a century ago.
The Army is building new barracks to replace them.
They fought the war.
They are fighting for the good now.
Veterans want the government to commit to education.
Here's Lisa Sylvester from CNN. (Start Video)
CNN reporter lisa sylvester (voice-over)
: Todd Bowles was a Marine when he served in Iraq, but when he returned from his second visit, he felt his country had let him down.
Todd Bowles in Iraq and Afghanistan
Veterans of Amir
: I am proud to be home and very proud of my service, with a purple heart on my chest and a Navy Commendation Medal with "V" written on it ".
But I did not return to the education I was looking forward.
I went back to three different types of student loans, two of which were collected.
SYLVESTER: like other veterinarians, Bowles said, through G. I. bill is hollow.
A group of veterans are lobbying Congress to increase G. I. benefit.
In the past few years, it is enough to pay for undergraduate education and even for graduate school.
But today, it pays almost no tuition fees for public universities.
Steven Henderson, veteran: I can't use G. I.
Pay bills and tuition fees monthly for my school so I have to get a loan. And the G. I.
Bill, I paid my rent.
SYLVESTER: current G. I.
Bill pays only $600 a month on average.
Under the proposed legislation, tuition fees will be increased to cover the highest in-state tuition fees.
The bill was backed by Democratic leaders, but critics were hesitant.
$2 front desk fee.
7 billion and the Pentagon are concerned that it will make it more difficult to retain service personnel who may leave the Army for higher education, but senior figures say the young men and women are willing to pay the final price.
Foreign war veteran Eric Hillman: If you are willing to put young men and women in danger, you should be willing to pay to take care of them and fulfill this promise when they come back.
SYLVESTER: While GI benefits are about $600 per month, there may be much less revenue for members of the Guard and reserve teams.
This is because they are limited to counting multiple tours and university benefits.
They are only allowed to calculate their longest continuous service.
CNN reporter Lisa Sylvester reports. (END VIDEOTAPE)
WHITFIELD: migrant workers traveling to the United StatesS.
In a safe haven in Mexico, reach out from robbers and corrupt police. (
Business break)
Harris: Fortune published the list of top 500 companies.
We looked at the numbers carefully. (
Start Video Editing)
The town is known for its connection with Hollywood and is also a backdrop for movies and TV shows.
But there are also many top-ranked companies at the box office.
Which is the town with the largest Fortune 500 enterprises?
Found After rest. (END VIDEO CLIP)(
Business break)(
Start Video Editing)
Harris: Which town is the home of the world's top 500 enterprises?
The Los Angeles suburb of El Segundo, California has a population of about 16,000, ranking first.
Mattel, computer science, DaVita and DirecTV all call El Segundo home ". (END VIDEO CLIP)
Harris: A safer road to the United States. S. border.
Migrant workers were helped in Mexico.
CNN correspondent Harris Whitbeck reports. (Start Video)
CNN reporter Harris Whitbeckvoice-over)
: It's called La Vestia, "the Beast," and hundreds of tons of steel clicking on the northern border of Mexico.
Often hidden in trucks are dozens of men from Central America who are heading to the last stop in the United States.
Riding the "Beast" is just one of the many obstacles facing immigrants, just like Gerson Reyes in Honduras.
"When we jumped on the last train, we had been robbed once," he said . ".
"We're on it when it slows down.
A child tried to jump down as he slowed down, but he missed it and the train cut off his three fingers. " (on-camera)
: All the immigrants have heard about La Vestia and about the looting and restructuring of corrupt officials.
Even rape and murder on the way immigrants cross Mexico. (voice-over)
But a suburb of Mexico City offers a shelter to get out of trouble.
Along the Ecatepec railroad, the White House is a place to rest and be safe.
This was built by the mayor's office.
Immigrants can stay here for a few days, take a hot bath, eat something, put on a clean shirt and take a break.
"The police told us that there is a house on this road where we can take a break," he said . ".
"When we came last Saturday.
We slept all day.
"Ecatepec knows a lot about the hardships of immigration.
Many people came here from the poor countryside of Mexico.
The city's mayor, Jose Luiz Gutierrez, said 100,000 of residents had traveled to the United States.
Providing help to others is a way of wishing their people better treatment at the border, he said.
"We saw our own son in the young people who passed here.
We see our parents and our wives and daughters in those who come all the way.
All we can do is treat them like we do with America.
Gutierrez said that the most difficult part of building a shelter is to persuade the police to stop robbing immigrants.
On last December, he officially declared Ecatepec a safe haven.
Since then, about 40 migrants have gone through the White House by rail for a few hours before reboarding the "Beast" every day.
Harris whitebeck, CNN, Ecatepec, Mexico. (END VIDEOTAPE)
WHITFIELD: "steal the car," grab and leave.
The new game causes the fingers to stick, causing the fingers to stick and kicking, police said. (
Start Video Editing)
Man: Hey, don't make any noise! Knock it off!
Unidentified male: Do you want to be beaten? (END VIDEO CLIP)
He's crazy.
He's a back seat driver now. (
Business break)
Whitefield: he might like the video, but he's shy. (
Start Video Editing)
Man: Hey, don't make any noise! Knock it off!
Unidentified male: Do you want to be beaten? (END VIDEO CLIP)
WHITFIELD: The suspect reacted after being arrested for stealing video games.
Police in San Diego say 27-year-
The old man bit two shop assistants and made $145 worth of games, including the newly released Auto IV.
"The suspect tried to escape, but it was a bit difficult to try to escape in real life.
After a short chase, he surrendered.
Harris: let him know, brother. (
Business Headlines)
WHITFIELD: at the end of April and the Autism Awareness Month, we bring you a story about solving the mystery.
Today, a couple went overseas to look for an autistic adult model that can work in the United States. S.
Here's CNN's Atika Shubert. (Start Video)
CNN correspondent atika shubert: raising awareness of autism is the global mission of Bob and Suzanne Wright. In the U. S.
One out of every 150 children is diagnosed with autism.
In the United Kingdom, one out of 100.
Each girl affects four boys.
The numbers show the epidemic, Wright said.
Bob Wright, an autistic person, said: no country can accept the loss of 1% of the male population without a substantial struggle.
They still deny that these numbers are so important.
Schubert: this is the personal mission of Wrights. Their 6-year-
Old grandson Christian has autism
He was diagnosed when he was 2.
His grandparents said they were shocked by the lack of treatment.
So Wrights decided to take advantage of their considerable influence.
As a former chairman and CEO of NBC Universal, Bob Wright and his wife, Suzanne, set up a propaganda group, "talk with autism", opening the door that others cannot open.
World Autism Day at the United Nations this year.
We named it the face of autism because they need a voice and they need an absolute voice.
Finally, the whole world is listening.
They travel around the world.
Message now in Israel.
Information and treatments should also be shared. (on-camera)
: This playground is part of the home of life, a project in Israel for autistic adults to build some specially designed houses in the community and within the community.
This is a comprehensive approach that the world human rights organization believes the United States can learn from. (voice-over)
: Here Wrights visits a home of life, where daily schedules are shown and pictures that autistic residents can follow.
In addition to daily chores, many people here work in the career center under the guidance of counselors.
The world human rights organization says this treatment from infancy to adulthood is something they want to take home. S. S.
Wright: give them the house, give them the work, give them the dignity, that's what I care so much about because my child Christian is now 6 years old and our grandson.
You don't know. he's 16.
According to the figures of our country, how will we treat our children now?
Schubert: for the Wright family, this is a personal mission that has become a global movement.
CNN, Etika Schubert, Jerusalem. (END VIDEOTAPE)
WHITFIELD: CNN continues to focus on autism.
We will have more new reports in the coming months.
At the same time, look at our website CNN.
Com/autism or stories, not a typical day for you in the office.
There is a furry, smelly tourist.
Let's talk about this in the newsroom. (
Business break)
HARRIS: Great.
Another idea from the boss
WHITFIELD: OK, but this is more than just turning the eyes;
It lets them tap from the socket.
Robert Mack of KING, a Seattle affiliate, reports. (Start Video)
Robert Mack, Kim. voice-over)
: In an old school building in Beacon Hill, you will find a new Seattle startup.
Eight workers are trying to create the electronic revolution they wantmail.
Jim Harding, CEO of CIRUE: this is Toshi (ph).
Mike: You can call the founder of this company a little weird.
Jim Harding came to work today with his yak.
Harding: Well, he's calm, as you can see. He is cool. He's collected.
Mike: only 1,000 pounds long-
The cow was just hanging out in the office.
There was no room for a while.
Who needs a room divider when you have yak?
Raul Raja, software engineer at CIRQUE: this is a very interesting office.
This is very interesting. MACK (on-camera)
: The boss can't say much when he brings yak.
From time to time, I think, a yak may have an accident in the office.
Harding: are you talking about the back?
Yes, he does, about eight times a day. MACK (voice-over)
: The Shovel can't solve any problems. Most high-
Technology companies strive to create an interesting and creative working environment.
People here are developing a product that changes your traditional e-commerce.
Send your inbox to the collection of social networks.
Harding wondered why not bring in a yak from his ranch to add some indiscretion to the workplace.
He has 20 such companies, not even Google and Microsoft.
Harding: What I want to say is that most owners may be unfriendly to yak. MACK (on-camera)
Would you consider raising a yak yourself?
RAJA: I don't think it's appropriate in my apartment. MACK (voice-over)
: It's time for the Yak to go out and eat grass at lunch time. (on-camera)
: What do you have for lunch?
Craig Holman, technical officer at CIRQUE: probably a buffalo burger just for it.
Mike: It's just another day in the business life, and there are some things about e-commerce. mail. (END VIDEOTAPE)
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