cardboard shoji screen - room partition - room divider wall with door

by:EBUNGE     2019-09-01
cardboard shoji screen - room partition  -  room divider wall with door
This is a very cheap way to make Shoji screen room partitions with cardboard, especially for college students with limited budgets!
I didn't buy something new and only used any items at hand.
You can modify the size or material as needed.
It's a scale.
Down version of the full version
Because I have a limited amount of cardboard on hand, the screen size is very large.
If I had bigger and more cardboard, I would have made it higher with 3 panels.
Ideally, the height of this screen should be twice that of it (72" x 18")
There are 3 panels instead of 2.
I used to make a 2-
Panel, 36 "x 18" Shoji screen: 4 pieces of cardboard (36" x 18")
The thicker the better.
The pieces were all taken from a moving box.
Cut carefully to make the edges as clean as possible.
If you live in the United States, you can find free cardboard on CraigslistS.
People who have recently moved or purchased furniture are usually eager to throw away the excess cartons and list them for free.
12 slices of onion-skin paper (8. 5" x 11").
These can be purchased at any office supplies store.
You can replace the onion paper with rice paper, vellum or any other half edge paper
Transparent paper. The semi-
The transparency filters the light and makes it shine well.
Other items: ruler, fat color mark, pen/pencil, clear tape, box cutter, glue.
I would use Gorilla Glue if I had it. ; -)
Place your paper on a flat surface and carefully stick 6 pieces of tape together.
There is no need to seal the entire edges with tape, just stick them together is enough.
Do the same for the other 6 pieces and then connect the two with a few small pieces of tape.
You will separate the two halves later.
Now, let your creative side take over!
Start drawing anything you like on all 12 sheets of paper.
I draw bamboo with a marker.
Yes, bamboo!
Sorry, I'm not an artist!
I did not extend my drawing to the edge of the paper as it would be covered by the boundaries of the cardboard.
Mark a 2 "border on the top and side of one of the cardboard panels.
Make sure you make these marks only on the print side.
You don't want to mark on the clean side of the cardboard.
I made the bottom border of about 6 "from the bottom.
If you make your screen higher, you need to make the bottom border larger (higher)
This keeps the screen rigid.
For example, if you are making a 72 "x 18" screen, make the bottom border at least 20 "high ".
Next, separate your drawings, place half on a piece of cardboard and start marking so you know where to cover the seams of the paper.
You will want your "seam" boundary (
Where each paper is connected)
About 1 "wide and make sure these borders cover your paper seams.
Once you 've made all the marks, put your drawing on it again to make sure all the seams are covered.
You should be able to see all your lines through the transparency of the paper.
Cut your window with a box cutter.
I found it easier to cut cardboard on the carpet instead of on the tile.
Guide your box cutter with a ruler if you need it.
Use your first cut
As a template for other cardboard.
Again, make sure you don't leave any marks on the clean side.
Now put half of your drawing on the panel, make sure the border covers the paper seams.
Now, be careful to stick the drawings to the cardboard board.
Take another cardboard panel and stick it to the top of the paper so that the paper is sandwiched between the two cardboard panels.
Make sure you do not apply the glue to the side that is not marked.
Do this with your other panels.
Put your finished panel sidewaysby-
Side and right side facing up and cutting the slit near the edge of the cable tie band.
I place the cable ties near the bottom and top edge of the screen to prevent the whole screen from jumping around.
Use more ties for your big screen.
Your cable ties should be loosened so you can adjust the angle of the screen effortlessly.
Your own cardboard Shoji screen is now complete!
I put my Shoji screen in front of my tank to capture the lighting effect in the background.
It took me about 2 hours to finish the project.
I hope you enjoy this guidance and I would appreciate it if there is any feedback and vote. Thanks!
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