cardboard room divider - room divider wall with door

by:EBUNGE     2019-09-01
cardboard room divider  -  room divider wall with door
Hello everyone!
This is my first structure and I would like to share it with you all.
I try to do something original and easy to do.
This project does not require special skills and does not cost anything.
You can easily make this partition and decorate your room. Supplies:-Pencil-Utility knife-Ruler-Cardboard (4mm, 7mm)
Make a template with paper.
Track it on cardboard with a pencil.
Cut off all the cardboard.
Part A, B, C, D uses 4mm cardboard, and part E uses 7mm cardboard.
Note: we need-16B-80C-70D -64E -
5 The part starts to connect the part together.
Just look at the picture.
Continue to connect other parts in this way.
Connect part E as shown below.
We need to divide part A into two parts.
Then connect between Part B.
Connect all the parts together to complete the room partition.
Finally finished room partition!
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