can i paint straight on to plasterboard? - stud partition wall

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can i paint straight on to plasterboard?  -  stud partition wall
Jeff Howell answered the reader's question as I moved into a new house with plasterboard walls so I needed to start redecorating.
I redecorated a similar room in my kid's house and it was a bit difficult because the gypsum board was very absorbent and even after applying a few layers of lotion, it was like ink-absorbing paper.
I have not encountered this problem in my previous old house production, and the new plaster has not been decorated in difficulty.
I was told,to-
The date method of sealing this wall is to use a solution of pva glue.
Can you confirm this is the preferred method? TT, by e-
These days, many new homes are not fully covered.
The column partition wall, usually the inner surface of the outer wall, is lined with gypsum board, but this is not left off with plaster.
Instead, the screw holes are filled and the seams between the boards are covered with paper tape and filler (
Called a connecting compound).
The paper surface of the gypsum board is the only finish, painted directly or wallpaper.
Like many developments in modern architectural practice, this one is from the United States, where gypsum board is rarely coated with gypsum protective coatings.
It's cheaper and more convenient for developers, but not very good for homeowners.
Several readers who recently built the house complained that they had begun to scrape off the wallpaper, only to find that they were actually scraping off the surface of the gypsum board;
On painted walls, not paper walls, care should also be taken to Polish painted surfaces so as not to damage gypsum board.
As you have found, gypsum board is very capable of absorbing (
So be careful not to get it too wet so as not to lose its power)
So it has to be sealed.
Dilution of pva glue is an option, but it is better to use one of the products recommended by the manufacturer, such as Gyproc drywall sealant.
This method seals the gypsum board before painting, and if used before the wallpaper, it is also called anti-subsequent steam wallpaper stripping. (
For shareholders, call 0800 225225 or visit www. british-gypsum. com)
Storage heaters our living room has storage heaters connected to Economy 7, but there are electric convection heaters in the bedroom that can be timed.
Is it possible to replace the convection heater for the storage heater?
Is this just a matter of swapping them, or does it have to be rewired and reconnected on the fuse box?
Gwynedd night, Talybont, MS-
As a heating option, the duty on the storage heater 7 on the economy is becoming more and more attractive.
After the recent rise in energy prices,
Peak power is now actually as cheap as pipeline natural gas, with low installation costs and almost zero maintenance costs.
Ideally, each storage heater should run on its own branch line
Special Single cable running from off-
Peak consumption.
But to save the cost of rewiring, plug the storage heater into the existing 30-
Amp ring main, use the time switch to make sure it is off only-peak period.
If you plan to connect more than one storage heater to the same ring host, you should ensure that the total out-of-load does not exceed 4 KW, or 3 KW, if the ring circuit includes the kitchen.
If you have any questions, please consult a qualified electrician.
Also note that installing a storage heater in the bedroom is not suitable for everyone.
The insulation of modern storage heaters is very good, but even if the output control is lowered to a minimum, they will still leak heat into the room, and when the core reaches the hottest, the maximum heat leakage will occur
From around 3 in the morning
It may be popular in very cold weather, but in more mild conditions some people will feel uncomfortable.
My flat roof is leaking, there are a few small flat roofs in our church and I was told that the roofs are asphalt;
They certainly don't look like the usual sense of cover.
One of them leaked in the heavy rain and I was wondering how can we fix it?
It does look like there are cracks on the surface, but if they go through we get flooded in the rain.
The church was built in early 1930 and I think the roofs are original. DM, by e-
Mail Good astic majestic asphalt is an excellent roofing material that can last between 50 and 60 years, so your 1930 church roof is definitely over their "sale"by" date.
There is no point in trying to patch the cracked asphalt, and the best thing to do is to peel off the roof and re-lay it.
A key factor in longevity is the protection of the asphalt surface from the sun by applying and maintaining a solar coating
Reflective paint.
A layer of white debris is even better, because when it is a cold night after a hot day, it will also buffer the asphalt from the heat shock, which may lead to cracking. (
Flat roof alliance 01444 440027, www. fra. org. uk)
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