California influences shape a Cohasset beach house renovation that embraces sea and sky - room divider wall with door

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California influences shape a Cohasset beach house renovation that embraces sea and sky  -  room divider wall with door
Architect Kelly Monahan studied architecture in California and called on his West Coast heart to redesign a 1970 pool house in Cohasset, a coastal town on the south bank of Massachusetts.
"Both the homeowner and I love California's aesthetics, and the waterfront location of the House means we can really open our horizons," said Monnahan, head of Boston Kelly Monnahan's design.
Owner, interior designer Ashley garriek does want an open beach --
She shared the sensitivity to the residence with her husband and children, an 11-year-old boy and a 14-year-old girl, so Monahan knew that the windows would be the main part of the design.
"We want glass walls," he said . "
Today, the house is a celebration of windows and water, but it's hardly a scene when homeowners buy a property in 2010.
Built as a pool residence adjacent to the property, 2,600-square-
The partition facade of the foot structure is interrupted by only a few windows on the entrance side and hardly shows 1-acre-
Plus beachfront location.
Facing the sea, a complete
The length deck of the main floor unfortunately plunged the lower floor of the House into darkness, making it a dungeon
Like and not available.
Monahan's solutionlevel ranch-
The style structure contains two genius styles: one is to add a window roof to the street and the waterfront facade, and the other is to eliminate
A length deck conducive to segmented replacement, allowing light to penetrate a lower height.
Monnahan said: "The biggest change in the main part of the House is to put dormer windows in the living room to expose the light.
"Although the room has an arched ceiling, the new priest gives it a sense of spaciousness and volume, setting the tone for the whole house.
"As soon as Kelly appeared in the windows of the priests, the whole feeling changed," Garelick said . " She specializes in purchasing unusual raw materials through her own business Plankd.
With the new dormers, 16-
The foot ceiling height now extends to most of the living room, not just at the peak as before.
The living space is more attractive by the sea and indoor scenery.
Outdoor connections are available on the new mahogany deck.
Monnahan calls it one of the "diving platforms" as its rectangular footprint faces the water and enters from the French doors of the living room.
The other is around the house and includes a breakfast area/study room and a kitchen;
The door leads from two areas to the deck, which connects the house to the kidneyshaped pool.
With such an open layout, Monahan carefully added the built-in-
Provides storage.
He gave the fireplace, a room partition between the living room and the breakfast area/study room, a new surround space including 8-foot-tall closets.
He took a walk in the kitchen.
In the storage room at one end of the room to make up for the shortage of cabinets on the wall, which were removed to make way for new windows.
Monahan left the three men in a private room. bedroom, two-
Bath configuration, but adds a lot of storage and built-inins.
For example, the children's bedrooms include a built-in
In the wardrobe/vanity unit, enter by sliding the barn-style door.
The lower level of the house, with new light, can now be used as a family room with a large apartment
Built-in screen TV
On the desk for homework or office work, on the glass door of the lawn.
From there, it can quickly jog to the water's edge, storing kayaks, windshields and other boats for easy access.
In the whole house, Gary took her beach
Emotional with materials, including angry houses-
Oak-designed flooring and streamlined furniture mainly in white and neutral.
"I love the beach, the modern, soft palette," she said . ".
"The most important thing for me about interior design is that they are whimsical and not too serious.
Keith LeBlanc, head of LeBron Jones landscape architects in Boston, changed the outdoor space.
He made a sad brick again. and-
The concrete area near the driveway becomes a charming blue stone-and-
Cobblestone entrance courtyard, glass front door with a mahogany platform planted with ugly retaining walls.
Facing the sea, he added local planting to the sloping lawn.
"At the beach, we keep everything more open and the local plants make up the water," said LeBron . ".
"In the end, the footprint of the House has not changed, but everything else has changed," Monnahan said.
Because of the scenery of the water, it feels bigger inside, and the landscape now feels more connected with the water.
Everything for garriek
From the glass wall of the living area to the comfortable lower level
Family room built in storage room-
Ins in the whole House
"This is a perfect family home.
"See more family photos:
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