c&j: creating a miracle in black and white - stud partition wall

by:EBUNGE     2019-08-21
c&j: creating a miracle in black and white  -  stud partition wall
Did the wicked not rest?
Over the past few months, we have traveled all over the world, chasing jobs and holidays on an equal footing.
But of course we're not complaining.
We love traveling, our global decor beautification mission, and downtime in a beautiful climate are all elements of life that really excites us.
Hey, from Toronto to the Republic of the Dominican Republic, from Grand cayman to L. A.
We rarely stop to breathe from Glasgow to London.
Having observed this, we are now back to Blighty and looking forward to some fun.
Yes, when you read this, we will be staying at home from Wednesday and until February 16.
After spending a few days in London, attending the popular BBC1 Q & A show made no sense --
Take a second look at the restaurant project we are working on in South Kensington.
We are very busy when we are old.
We will fly to Scotland to visit our family on Sunday. A holiday?
Well, not very good;
We also do bedroom work in a mansion in Edinburgh.
Turn the dull basement into a funky self
Contains a paradise for teenagers.
We have redesigned the upper layer of the capital pile and we turn our attention to our client 17-year-
The old daughter, or rather her bedroom, is a space that requires a high degree of attention.
For now, to mention what we have planned, we will show-for you guys —
Even catastrophic real estate can be saved.
Use one of our favorite HGTV projects as inspiration for Edinburgh homework (
Our clients have run our visuals and they raid collectively)
We will break the atmosphere of monochrome.
10 power, a lot.
Watch our crumbling before shooting and you will see the horror we face.
We hate the idea of losing opportunities.
After all, the room is too precious to be treated like this
So, we settled in front of the drawing board and made the sad scene active.
We were basically a garden room/trash area before work started and we saw the chaos of the past and dreamed of potential.
In order to do this great job satisfactorily, we created a valuable additional sleeping area, and by doing so, we no longer need siblings to share the bedroom on the floor above.
If you have a basement, complete (
Or rather incomplete)
Bare beams and unfinished walls, do not be discouraged; there is hope. Trust us.
As long as your solum has satisfactory service and enough space, it is actually relatively easy to create a small miracle with a small jiggery pokery.
Modern building wall panels and metal frames are relatively easy to install-
If you have relevant skills
As a result, tape can be attached to it to achieve a smooth effect.
But do not cut corners; do it properly.
The investment in thermal insulation is worth it because it will reduce the heat and increase the sound insulation effect.
If there is any uncertainty about the process, then please find a contractor to help you.
Work is one thing, but it's another thing to make sure your work is built for code;
You must comply with fire safety regulations and Electrical considerations.
Focus here on Brian Bowler's column;
He is a master of architectural standards and his thinking contains all the types of information you need when it comes to heavy things.
This is a room in the basement and we are a little worried about specifying Wood
Or a carpet or something.
Further into the production line due to concerns about moisture.
As an alternative to use, we used a smooth tile and covered it with a thick carpet that could be removed as needed for easy cleaning.
When revisiting a modern project that lacks inherent features, it is good to create a focal wall to distract the eye from any element that may be lost.
Ideally, in the bedroom, the focal wall should be the wall behind the bed, usually the largest "uninterrupted" area.
To make things better, we use low-
Spend matt white before adding a huge atmospheric matte black panel to the drama.
Doing so, allowing proper drying time between coats, we added additional details with wall stickers.
These add a little whimsy and can be easily deleted when it's a new look. Try www. whatisblik.
Com offers an incredible array of decals that have both real lines and complex lines.
It's good to visit different store catalogues for shopping, but avoid favoring a store, otherwise you will eventually find that the store is more important than you.
It is very appropriate to mix and match from different destinations. Here, a no-
The Ikea white bed stand works with the dog hunt night stand on the Bay, which looks friendly and delicate.
Keeping the window dressing simple we replaced the old rickety doors with a sleek new set of Home Depot, and we added new locks to enhance safety.
After finishing, we decorated the glass area with regular black blinds.
When dressing a modern French door, do not try to overhandle the window, otherwise the rumbling curtain may hinder the ability of the door to open freely.
Our actions allow coverage of the glass area without any obstruction of passage.
Think about all the exercises before shopping and you will make fewer mistakes.
Beautiful Rooms should also be practical rooms, so be sure to provide plenty of storage in your design.
We created a useful cabinet wall by building a Bolt partition drywall basement around the basic purchase wardrobe corpse.
By doing so, the system can be seamlessly integrated into the room, creating a streamlined modern look that is not expensive.
Our door, from Ikea, was designed to insert the wallpaper part as a decorative detail into its unique double-layer cavity.
Even though we like to decorate with a monochrome scale, we know that it will look a bit simple if it is not conceived properly.
To avoid aseptic results, mix different textures and patterns;
This will increase interest.
In order to keep everything clean, leave a lot of white "breathing space" between layers, and the results you finish look spacious and cool.
Although we maintain a clear black and white vision, the third color is also worth considering (
Such as vibrant Miami yellow or orange of the season), will add pop;
For example, a few toss pillows, or a trendy toned artwork, can take your project to the next level.
Please keep in mind that our appearance is only "advice provided ";
"Personalized is the key, so add your own talent and make everything vivid.
Bedding is the perfect "pillar" of a bedroom scheme like this, which provides the best flexibility for further.
Imagine how easy it is to adjust seasonally;
Soft green or above oranges will be especially effective in summer, while red, hunter green or even sparkling gold will give your room a more comfortable feeling in a cold climate.
In order to amplify the dramatic effect, add more black details around your third color selection, instead, in order to suppress the lawsuit, choose accessories such as Snow White's lamps, frames and carpets.
General tips when using monochrome explore the architecture: Although you can remove-or adding —
The walls can also play with the furniture "structure" to increase the unexpected effect.
Complex, avant-garde work will have fun with your monochrome interior, so consider playing round table tables in other square line rooms and explore options such as hexagonal drum tables or wedge tables
The shape is the same as what we specify here.
Choose flexible lighting: using clever lighting is a reliable way to change the feeling of work.
You can easily switch your mood with light bulbs of different colors, or, if you want to go further, search for lights with continuous color "patterns.
Options like this are now surprisingly affordable and are a great way to "paint" the room when switching a flick.
Textures: to increase the depth, play with textures and patterns where finishing and interior decoration are involved;
Trying a variety of tactile elements is a great way to actively decorate.
Consider leather trim, an open tapestry, or a close-fitting decoration like chenille or silk.
Just last week, we witnessed the company's new indoor collection at HomeSense, better than ever.
How exactly do they do high quality retail?
At such an affordable price-
There is speculation, though we think it has a lot to do with their "fashion forward" buying team and the ability to buy in bulk.
Pop up and get ready to start designing treasure hunt!
Colin mcalist and Justin Ryan are hosts of HGTV Colin and Justin's family robbery and authors of the Penguin Group's guide to Colin and Justin's family robbery style (Canada).
Follow them on Twitter @ collinjustin or Facebook (ColinandJustin).
Check out their new candle collection on www. candjhome. co. uk.
Contact them through their website www. colinandjustin. tv.
Resourceful painting: ICI pigment, www. icipaint.
Product Name: BLIK of Home Depothomedepot.
Telegram and clock: Bouclair, www. bouclair.
Wire and side lights-
JYSK Canada websitejysk.
CaDamask pillow basket: HomeSense, www. homesense.
Cardside table: Bay, www. hbc.
Door, bed and carpet: Ikea (
Billy Bam closet, Malm bed), www. ikea.
CaWallpaper: Julian McDonald of Graham and Browngrahambrown.
ComFrench door: Home Depot, www. homedepot.
Cafe light: No. 3, www. eq3.
Capiji Bank: Morba, www. morba.
Carpet: carpet factory, www. carpetmill.
CaFloor tile: Image floor decoration counter, 1801 dunks Street. E. , 905-433-
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