brilliant reflections - conference room dividers

by:EBUNGE     2019-08-29
brilliant reflections  -  conference room dividers
Inspired by the beauty of Frank Lloyd Wright and pié Mondrian and nature, she created an art form that dates back to Europe more than 800 years ago.
Padma Ashok's stained glass screen and its geometric images are interrupted by the flight of heaven or parrot, her jewelrytoned three-
The size of the Sparrow and hummingbird and her unusual furniture form create the climax and mood of the lifestyle.
Art and Craft blend a bit of poetry here.
Like Tiffany's red and yellow lampshade, which is illuminated by a beam of sunlight into psychedelic colors, the rose-decorated tea lamp is transformed into a dark pink pool in the sun, or a Zen space created by a room partition, made of glasses of different textures in natural colors.
There is only one red stripe that makes it feel like Mondrian.
"Starting with the hobbies that Birmingham studios learned, today has become a passion," the artist said . " She cleverly welded the edge of a colorful cube.
"I followed the Louis Comfort Tiffany technology developed in the 19 th century, which is widely used and very delicate in design and the production of tiny parts.
The process of making colored glass is fascinating and complicated.
I first conceptualize the design of the product and draw it in proportion and then zoom in on the drawing sheet to make the changes.
Then start the intensive task of selecting glass for each part of the design, which means selecting colors, textures, etc.
Once decided, I cut the glass sheet by hand into every leaf, stripe or dot.
The edges are ground smooth, then each piece of glass is wrapped in copper foil and pressed.
The last stage is the welding of both sides. A grey-
The black polishing completes the process.
"The stripes of color, abstraction and geometry, the romance of curled vines and roses define 5 feet high colored glass room partitions, cuboid, side tables, standing lights and shades, catching birds and butterflies cell phones and so on.
Padma's unique stained glass panels are decorated with many public spaces such as Madras Medical Mission Church, IIT's new conference hall, Simpson building and many residences.
Padma shoke' Stained glass Studio 'exhibition today at the tokwood heirloom, month, First Street, Haddows Road, Nungambakam. On till Sunday.
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