bodies found in rubble of east village building blast - partition walls for home

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bodies found in rubble of east village building blast  -  partition walls for home
The epic aerial scene of a massive gas explosion in downtown Manhattan shows the extent of the explosion.
Courtesy: Instagram/SaxoneldridgeFound. . .
Two bodies were found in a pile of debris left by the East Village building explosion.
Photo: AP/New York Times, Nancy BorowickSource: three days ago, a second body was found in the ruins left by an apparent gas explosion in lower Manhattan, police said.
Authorities have been looking for signs of two missing men believed to be in the sushi shop on the first floor at the time of the explosion: 26-year-
Old Moises Lucon and 23-working in the restaurant-year-
The old male model, Nicholas figaroa, is a staff member of the bowling alley, where he dated. Male model . . .
Nicholas Figroa's body was taken from the wreckage.
Image source: FacebookTragic. . .
The rubble was removed after two bodies were found.
Image source: the names of the two dead were not immediately announced;
A forensic doctor was identified.
But a spokesman for the Figroa family confirmed to reporters in the city's forensic office that the Figroa family had been rescued from the wreckage. "It's hard.
The family was upset.
Awilda Cordero told the Daily News that they are going home now to prepare funeral arrangements.
Looking for the missing person. .
A search dog came to the site where the building collapsed.
Photo Source: AP/Julio CortezSource: On Sunday, Figueroa's family visited the blast site near East Village with flowers and crying.
Figaroa's brother, Neil, leaned against the barricade and shouted to the emergency workers, "he's a strong man, and I know he's in there!
Don't give up, please find my brother.
However, the authorities acknowledge that there is little chance of finding a living person.
During the day, the workers swept through a pile of loose bricks and trees;
Rescuers sent Sogou on the ruins of three apartment buildings.
Mayor Bill de Blasio said that before the explosion injured 22 people, four of whom were seriously injured, someone might have improperly bugged a gas pipeline. Gutted . . .
There was a pile of debris at the scene.
Photo: AP/New York Times, Nancy BorowickSource: apacilidated Edison said utility workers found gas pipelines to restaurants illegally dug in August.
This discovery resulted in Con Edison closing the building's gas service for about 10 days while the owner was repairing it.
Utilities said the gas service was restored after utilities thought it was safe.
Inspectors at Con Ed visited the building about an hour before the explosion on Thursday and determined that the work to upgrade the gas service had not passed the inspection, officials said, closing the line to ensure it was not used and leaving.
Craig Ivy, president of Con Ed, said the work being done is to serve the entire building.
On Thursday afternoon, an explosion in East Manhattan village injured at least 19 people, damaged four buildings and collapsed at least one. Photo: Peter J.
Fifteen minutes later, the owner of the sushi restaurant smelled the smell of coal and called the landlord, who called the General bag, Detective Robert Boyce said.
No one called or called the emergency dispatcher.
Contractor Dilber Kukic and owner's son walked into the basement and opened a door, then the explosion happened and burned their faces, says Contractor ce. Kukic -
He was charged with bribing an undercover investigator disguised as a house inspector.
He declined to comment through counsel on the circumstances of the bombing.
According to the city records, Kukic obtained a permit in last June for the construction of pipes, floors, removal of partitions and other works.
The investigation continues. . .
A fire officer stood by the windows of the building near the collapse of the building.
Image: AP/Julio CortezSource: APThe explosion echoed in the city's art community, destroying actress Dree de Ma, who starred in the TV series The underworld family
She posted on Instagram photos of "a hole in my home in New York in the past 22 years.
"It also prompted the cancellation of five push-forward performances" STMP "at the theater near the site ".
More than a year before the explosion, a gas explosion occurred in a building in eastern Harlem, killing eight people and injuring about 50.
Gas leaks were reported shortly before the explosion.
Selfies taken at the scene of the explosion have sparked huge controversy on social media.
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