blood-drenched, berserk ceo demands more web videos - cubicle dividers

by:EBUNGE     2019-08-05
blood-drenched, berserk ceo demands more web videos  -  cubicle dividers
"We need more videos!
Beating random staff at the New York golf club, he shouted frantically:
Scream at the top of his lungs like a crazy madman, pour in his own blood and the blood of the staff, grind.
Sources from the art and entertainment site confirm that com CEO Jeff portcourt went crazy on Friday and asked his staff to make more Web video content or else he would "fucking kill all the people
According to the staff, after learning that the competitor website gets more video playback every month, 56-year-
The old Potkul snapped and screamed violently, starting to beat his desk with his fist and hit his computer monitor until his knuckles were bloody.
"We need more videos!
According to reports, Potkul screamed, came out of his office and stared directly at each of his employees, who stared in shock and calm in the wild
The eye's executive poses as a fighter, enters and exits in an orderly manner, interrupting each breath with a slight roar.
"Video of the band!
Video of cool place! Funny videos! Random videos!
More online video! More! More! More!
"Do you think I'm joking?
Potkul added, then he grabbed 3-
Take out the wood from the golf bag, rush past the office to his senior web producer, jump to his desk and beat him over and over again with the club until he dies in a pool of blood.
"Is there a problem with other people making more Web videos?
"The whole 45-
It is reported that a one-minute long story has caused $500,000 in property damage, and the crazy CEO has been screaming: "Celebrity!
More celebrity videos!
Also, between flipping a desk and stepping on a computer keyboard, the avid executive told his staff that if they saw something, they 'd better "leave ["their]
Fuck the little camera, make a fucking video with it and put it on the damn Internet.
Witnesses said that on one occasion, Potkul rushed to the window of the office and began to bump his head against the glass, opening a huge wound on his forehead, causing the blood flow to cover his face
Potkul gritted his teeth and said, "the video on the Internet is where it is . " He began to suffocate himself because the reason was not clear.
"Everyone is doing video. Everyone!
It is reported that every time Potkul calls the word "virus", a deep red foam will burst out of his mouth, ordering his employees to form a circle around him, after which he tore off his shirt, the name of the employee was shouted one by one, urging them to take him.
"The fucking cat can't even make more online videos.
Of course, you are so awesome that you can't challenge me, "said the CEO, who took a piece of glass from a broken meeting and ended every taunt --
The door of the room, without blinking or flinch, sliced his own chest.
"This is the passion you need to make more videos online.
Come on, come on!
Right here, now!
When he ran around the office screaming "Ya ya", which seemed to be an imitation of Native American fighters, potkul often interrupted his crazy chant, shout out things like "social presence", "responsive website", "integration opportunity" and "Eight
Web series.
"At the end of verbal and physical attacks, potcourt pulled belly in the middle of the office floor, rubbed the body with feces, and told the staff that before 40 more videos were available online, no one will leave.
Erica Klein, the content producer, told reporters: "I tried to get to the elevator, but he caught me . " She added that she was surprised by the speed at which Potkul moved.
"He grabbed my neck, leaned me from the ground against the wall, and began to strangled me.
He said he would not let go unless I came up with three new original video ideas to serve BMW's new "live complex" event.
"That was when he asked me to watch him bite his tongue in half," she added . ".
According to grinding.
Com employee, this is not the first time Potkul went crazy.
The source said that the CEO once cut off all his clothes with scissors, and when he felt that the company's Twitter followers were not strong enough, he gave evil to every member of his marketing team
After the entire page view dropped, he lit the fire of an intern. “[Potkul]
He said he didn't care if the new video was 45. second-
As long as there is more garbage, we can advertise before, during and after each clip, said a senior staff member who did not want to be named.
"I mean, I want to make more videos, but it's actually hard to make, and we don't have enough staff.
If I told him, though, he would tear my throat off with his teeth like he did with Kenny.
When his staff left the day, an exhaustedof-
Potpotkul reportedly knelt down and looked at the destruction around him, muttering, "the video on the internet is very important," said over and over again until he fainted.
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