Blink-182 Drummer Travis Barker Selling a Modern Masterpiece in L.A. - retractable wall

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Blink-182 Drummer Travis Barker Selling a Modern Masterpiece in L.A.  -  retractable wall
182 drummerTravis Barker, the home of the shoot, L. A.
Near Cheviot Hill, modern 4
The price of a bedroom home on the market is $4,750,000.
Known as an "innovative building showcase", the residence is located in an upscale, tranquil neighborhood of Los Angeles, south of Century City and Fox Studios, within walking distance of the Rancho Park Golf Course.
You don't think a punk rock singer with a wide range of tattoos will settle down.
But he's a family man with two children.
13-year-old Landon and 10-year-old Alabama
He's with former Miss America, Shana Mokler.
Buck and Mockler got married from 2004 to 2008, and their stormy relationship was recorded on MTV reality show Meet the bartender.
"After the full makeover, the strike band purchased the Cheviot Hills home in 2014 for $4 million.
"This is a custom --
Built house with high architectural integrity
The final design, "said Steve Frankel, a listing agent for the corderwell banker.
"It's stylish, chic, cool, stylish, refined, and designed with exquisite taste and the highest standards.
This is an extraordinary home. ”realtor. comrealtor. comrealtor.
The living room has 13-
Foot ceiling and large windows.
It also features retractable glass walls and a kitchen island extending to an outdoor terrace, creating an interior
Unlike outdoor mobility anywhere else in the area.
The second story is on the cantilever on the terrace to the shelteran outdoor living room with a TV and fireplace. The second-
The story master suite includes not one, not two, but three walks-
There is also an exquisite walnut master bathroom in the closet.
Buck's home office, built in-
In dog gate, it is shown that since the 90 s, when he broke even as a garbage collector, he has gone a long way.
"I couldn't afford to eat four years ago," he told Stone in 2000.
"But now I can buy art, buy old Cadillac and live in a comfortable place.
I can finally buy a dog and feed it.
"At 2008, Buck survived a private jet crash in 2008, which had a profound impact on both his body and his emotions.
Buck's playing blink again.
182, reunited on 2016.
He also reportedly made a solo dance, hip-hop-focusedalbum. realtor. comrealtor. comrealtor. comrealtor.
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182 drummer Travis Buck sells modern masterpieces in Los AngelesA.
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