big tvs are getting even bigger: should you own one? - sliding wall

by:EBUNGE     2019-08-03
big tvs are getting even bigger: should you own one?  -  sliding wall
Etiquette expert William Hansen told the Daily Mail that he thought the big TV should be "one of the twelve things you should never have ".
But Jill Myers, who was once an angry man on big TV, recently decided to upgrade to 60-
She likes it very much.
Her son, Sam Mack, agreed.
"It definitely changed the rules of the game.
"The size of the TV means that you can sit anywhere in the lounge and dining room, and the images on the TV are always clearly visible.
When it comes to the game, the atmosphere becomes very real and feels like you are sitting on the game floor.
Having a big screen at home is actually very social, he said.
"When your partner knows you have a big screen, they invite themselves to share the visual experience.
This is great because it means you don't have to leave the house on a cold winter night.
"While miles may be an exception to gender stereotypes, which require men to be more susceptible to TV sizes than women, she agrees with the existence of such stereotypes.
"This is definitely a gender issue.
Before buying my new TV, I asked some guys about the 60-
They all said, "Be sure to go ".
My female friends are not very enthusiastic and even now they go into the lounge and make statements like "Oh my God, the TV is broken" or "Did you buy such a big TV ? "?
Sandra Aiken, interior designer at D Design, believes television has become part of everyday life.
"Now everyone has TV, the bigger the better it seems to be the trend, which is the reality.
A big TV is like an identity symbol, the designer said.
"It's almost like people are saying, 'Look at how big I am '.
"Although Aiken agrees that TV is a source of entertainment and relaxation, she has a problem with the big TV when it becomes the focus of the room.
"When it takes over the whole room, it's a bit out of the way and seems more important than socializing with friends.
Calling TV "black void", Aiken suggests a little visual balance.
"It needs to be part of the decoration, either put it in other photos and wall decorations, hide it behind the sliding wall, or put it in the bookcase.
"But in the end it seems like the big TV will stay here, so how do you decide how big your room should be?
The online guide suggests that the perfect size of the flat panel TV does not depend on the room, but on the distance you sit.
There is a simple equation: viewing distance (in inches)
Divided by 3 is equal to the recommended TV size.
For example, if you usually sit 3 metres from the TV, it's 120 inch metres.
Divide 120 by 3 and the recommended screen size is 40 inch (
Remember, that's the diagonal measurement of the screen).
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