Basement floor has sunk - stud partition wall

by:EBUNGE     2019-08-21
Basement floor has sunk  -  stud partition wall
We own a split-
An introductory house of about 40 years old;
We have lived there for 35 years.
The second half of the house has been completed, including a bedroom and a large family room.
The floor is poured concrete.
We were replacing the carpet, and when our Carpenter pulled our old carpet apart, he noticed that some part of the concrete basement had sunk into a corner;
About 3/4 to 1 inch along 17-
Foot span on one side of the corner and 10-
Span of the other foot.
It is separate from the base, and we assume that there are some line cracks related to it in all areas of the floor.
Along the wall, the DingTalk is firmly fixed in place, but you can run your fingers under this problematic area and feel the foundation wall.
When our water heater is leaking and the drain pipe is blocked, we have several water damage in this area.
We do not know how long this problem has existed.
The Carpenter told my wife that we needed an excavator to solve the problem, which would cost us a lot of money, and then he said we might need a structural engineer to solve the problem.
It is rumored that 40 years ago, the builders of hundreds of houses we developed poured concrete foundations, dumped trees between the foundations he cut down, and covered the basement floor with concrete.
Is this a major issue, how is it corrected, what options are there
Less destructive
Who should correct it?
How do we find someone to solve this problem?
I am a retired paper dealer who knows nothing about the house and my wife is looking forward to this happening. RICK A.
The floor drop area is quite large, but if the drop depth is 3/4 to 1 inch I don't think it's a big problem, you and your wife can breathe easily
The flooding of the floor may cause the water to erode the earth under the slabs, and the situation may not get worse.
So far I don't think you need an excavator or any expensive work.
Remember, for slabs, like most concrete floors in basement and grade (as in a garage)
Concrete is poured in the foundation wall, not the structure.
You mentioned the floor that is separate from the foundation, but it has never been connected.
Rumors 40 years ago may have been true, as in those days contractors often put trunks and other waste wood under the slabs.
It's cheaper than driving away.
Of course, it will rot, leaving a gap that allows the slate to fall.
I don't think the gap near the column wall is important because the column wall is above the foundation and not above the floor.
You can get the contractor to add concrete to get the floor back to level, but that doesn't stop the floor from falling further.
The only thing that can stop the floor from falling in the future is to dig out the concrete, check the soil below for rotten wood and lay new floors in the area. All expensive.
I don't know if your insurance policy covers such a thing.
Maybe the structural engineer can give you more information.
It's a success or a failure to find a contractor to do something, but you can do this: Join a club called Anji list for $45 a year and the company will find the ability
There is an inch drop on the floor.
For different reasons, many old houses have such a gap, and people live together.
Tell your wife that her house has not collapsed. Q.
In a recent renovation, I noticed that when these people were working at gas stations, the old pipes in my damp basement seemed to rust.
I want to apply a layer of paint on it to try to slow down the speed of rust, and I think it can cause problems over time.
What do you think?
John, in the conversation in Heaton
First, check with the gas man whether it is allowed.
I have never seen a gas pipe that is not rusted or painted, and I think that when this pipe is rusted, the rust will only last until now and then not rust anymore.
Be sure to check it first.
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