balboa marina west restaurant plan gets planning commission go-ahead - sliding wall system

by:EBUNGE     2019-08-22
balboa marina west restaurant plan gets planning commission go-ahead  -  sliding wall system
Despite some residents of Linda island's opposition to the size of the project, the Newport Beach Planning Commission signed an agreement on Thursday at a proposed waterfront restaurant along the East Coast Highway, the restaurant was once home to Reuben E. Lee. The Reuben E.
Li, a river boat opened in the 1950 s, ran a restaurant before it was demolished in 2008, and then ran a nautical museum. The Irvine Co.
Since then, efforts have been made to expand the west side of its private Balboa Pier. The Irvine Co.
Have 3. 5-
Aka parcel Bridge with Gulf Coast Highway, proposed construction of new ship utility bill, reconfigured dedicated dock and addition of 24 new orders and 14,252-square-
As part of the Balboa Pier West project, the walking restaurant.
These plans need to be approved by the California coast committee before construction begins.
"We live in a city with incredible environment, residential and commercial facilities," said Corey Kramer, chairman of the planning committee . ".
"This Tension always exists, but it is important to be a city that provides a wide range of services to our local community, especially those outside our city.
We have a lot of responsibility and it is important to balance all these interests.
"The planning committee unanimously approved the environmental review of the project last year.
However, the design of the restaurant was not finalized at the time, so the commissioner asked Owen
Return to the approval of the section, which was unanimously approved on Thursday night. The one-
The design of the story restaurant is expected to be modern with sliding glass wall system, metal roof with skylight, decorative steel decoration and patio.
The restaurant is open from 9: 00. m. to 2 a. m.
A full range of alcoholic beverages and live entertainment are available daily.
Dancing is not allowed according to city documents.
Some residents of Linda Island have asked the committee to postpone a decision, saying community outreach is not doing enough.
Residents like Margo O'Connor worry about noise and other quality --of-
They say the project will exacerbate the problem of life.
A city noise study shows that if the large sliding doors of the restaurant remain open during live music performances, the sound may exceed local noise standards.
According to the city documents, in order to mitigate the possible impact, the restaurant must close when playing live music at night.
"I am worried about how this will change the character of the area," O'Connor said . ".
"This is a very big project. . .
It's so big that we can't enjoy our own property or a good night's sleep.
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