bail for doctor who ‘filmed’ colleague | mumbai news - times of india - partition wall with door

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bail for doctor who ‘filmed’ colleague | mumbai news - times of india  -  partition wall with door
Mumbai: The hospital doctor who was arrested for filming a second-grade MD student was released on bail Friday by Bhoiwada's holiday Court.
After 27 complaints, Sion police arrested the doctor on Thursday. year-
An old victim claimed that the accused reportedly shot her using her mobile phone when she entered the bathroom.
The Sion Hospital sexual harassment committee, which is investigating the matter, will decide on the action plan on Saturday.
The accused has not been suspended.
"We are checking with the help of Kalina's forensic science laboratory to see if the accused has deleted any records and at the time of the incident, any small images taken on his mobile phone were recorded.
"The accused has been released on bail and has to come and ask until the investigation is completed," said senior inspector Baburao Gawit . ".
The defendants and victims did not know each other.
According to the victim, she walked into the bathroom and was about to take a bath when she noticed a cell phone on the partition wall.
In the complaint, the victim said, "after noticing the phone, I shouted and asked who was in the other bathroom, but no one responded.
I got dressed and rushed out of the bathroom and knocked on the door, but the man didn't come out.
The rest of the hostel then rushed out, grabbed the man and snatched the phone from his hand.
However, the defendant claimed in his police statement that he had put his mobile phone on the partition wall while washing the bathroom and that he was innocent.
According to section 354th of IPC (C)(
Any man who watches or captures the image of a woman participating in a private act)
And under IT act 66 (E)(
Privacy violations).
Dr. Suleiman Merchant, acting dean of the hospital, said the sexual harassment committee was investigating the matter.
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