aurangabad school violates rte norms, to be de-recognised | aurangabad news - times of india - wooden partition wall

by:EBUNGE     2019-08-02
aurangabad school violates rte norms, to be de-recognised | aurangabad news - times of india  -  wooden partition wall
Olangabad: zilla parishad Education Department has decided to remove recognition of a primary school in the city that lacks basic facilities and fails to comply with the right to education (RTE)norms.
When a Ministry of Education official visited the school on Monday, only five of the 10 registered teachers were present, with a student attendance rate of 10%.
Deputy director of education Sukhdeo Dere said they checked Jailakshmi primary school located in the Hudco area of the city after receiving the tipoff.
They found that the school had no playground, no walls, and no separate buildings.
It operates in a commercial complex.
Dai Lei said that class time every day
There is no table in Head master's room and the records are not updated.
"The school lacks basic facilities and does not meet any RTE specifications.
"The principal of the school is charged an additional fee and does not have the qualifications required for the position," he said . ".
"It was wrong for the school to be approved in October 2013 because it did not meet the prescribed norms.
Education officials concerned will be instructed to withdraw their recognition of the school.
"The director of education will be informed of the education officer who approves the operation of the school," Dere told TOI . ".
The school has been in operation since 2003-04.
School principal raikiran Upase refused to talk about the test results.
Upase told TOI that he was appointed to the position in June and did not know anything about the details.
He was also not aware of the RTE specification and its compliance when Dere asked.
The proper attendance records were not kept, said Deere;
There is no library and separate restroom for boys and girls in the school.
There are wooden partitions in the classroom, and there is not enough furniture, such as a student's bench.
In addition, they noted that two students were subjected to corporal punishment in violation of the law.
So far, the Ministry of Education has inspected about 100 schools this year, of which only five comply with all RTE specifications.
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