Auctioning off utopia - partition wall with door

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Auctioning off utopia  -  partition wall with door
"Fifteen, sixteen, seventeen and eighteen . . . . . . " These numbers are not just people in their teens, but thousands more.
They tick like seconds.
A man with a beautiful voice said, "Am I 19 years old ? ".
"Let's round it up to twenty.
"At this point, I realize that I need to document proceedings or videos, but definitely need to capture them in some way.
A woman, after doing so much work, her face is not her face, she is standing on the wall with a man in a sports coat.
She raised her hand and bought a Peter Dogg for £ 550,000, a beautiful Burning Sky and contour pine trees, and the way money and numbers grow, if I had an extra £ 20, I might be tempted to think about it and I should have bought a more generic piece for sale here.
They look cheap.
On the big screen, prices are listed in various currencies: GBP and USD, EUR, CHF and rubles.
The auctioneer leaned against his pulpit in a conspiracy.
He wore a dark suit, his hair was light and separated.
His accent is impossible, maybe German, maybe English, maybe Slavic, as if he was from an unrecognizable eurozone country, maybe it was a small one after the collapse of the Soviet Union. maybe it was a non-existent one.
He kept joking: "It looks like Richard Serra in my opinion, it looks good," or "Sarah Lucas has a wonderful show at the white church.
The low voice and the ringing of the phone trembled in the air throughout the process.
It's not polite to talk or call here.
You may be talking to a client and bidding on her behalf.
A few feet away, an American man with white hair and casual clothes said to the person next to him, "I used to have a gallery;
I'm an art consultant now.
This is Christie's Post.
In October 19, war and contemporary art auctions were held in thin London.
The only auction I 've ever been to was in North New York, from old farm gear to shotgun, and everything was auctioned by people with barrel boxes and pearl button shirts.
Although there is such a scene at Christie's today, it is not like the sales in New York last month, where the art set an impossible record.
It's a day sale, so it's relatively small in the low light painting on the black baze wall.
Not only is there Peter duig, but there is also the grass (
Recently held a special exhibition in Whitney.
Christopher Wool now has one in Guggenheim and stutfante, who is known for copying other people's works.
There is a clear feeling of pure oxygen in the air, like a casino, where it is pumped in, like Las Vegas, and it is impossible to know whether it is day or night outside.
It feels very high.
Bet, just like you might get stuck because you need to win.
When I lean against the back wall, write the price in the catalog and hold the iPhone in my hand as if I was also waiting to talk to a customer in Hong Kong, the scene drew me, or Rio or Los Angeles
When the face of the woman in leather pants and quilting ski vests is not her face (
Some designers fantasize about ski gear that will never see the side of the ski resort)
, Bid for Peter Dogg, she doesn't even lift the paddle, only lift two fingers, those fingers are not even high, not higher than her head, not even above her shoulder.
Only the auctioneer and I can feel the gesture because I can't help staring at it.
He knew from the beginning that she came to bid for the painting as soon as she won, and she left with her companion as if all she wanted was an image of a pine tree against the sky.
The long box on the front and sides is like a pit of an elevated orchestra with Christie's name printed on the front.
Men and women, who are called experts, talk to bidders over the phone.
The delegates laughed as if they were joking with old friends, just that I heard some rumors, not about this auction, but about the general auction. Instead of talking to anyone, the experts tried to make them look like they were taking bids.
Sometimes, when discussing things like price or money, people cover her mouth with their hands so that no one can read her lips.
A woman dressed in red smiled and her head looked intently at the auctioneer.
Next, she leans forward on the phone, concentrating on any conversation she is having.
Finally, she lowered her head and reached out to her forehead with some sign of sadness.
Seconds passed;
The whole human drama.
Meanwhile, the auctioneer announced a painting "small and beautiful" about the white latex and nail canvas listed in the catalogue as "property of important Dutch collectors.
I'm not here for the dazzling wealth and art, but for something conceptual, an auction.
This is a work done by artist and filmmaker Amie Siegel, which is for sale here today.
Her film records "Human Trafficking "(her word—
I can't choose a better one)
Furniture and items from the Indian city of Chandigarh to elite families are auctioned through auctions, which in her handling became a meditation on price, value and consumption.
The film was first shown in September in the Lower East Side of Simon Preston, a gallery in New York, and a few weeks later at Christie's.
Compressed regularly.
Usually a few years apart between an exhibition and an auction, usually a collector sells a piece of work (
Usually, when an artist performs a visual exhibition in a museum, the value of the work reaches its peak.
Witness the sale of wool, for example. )
Instead, Siegel made the film part of her work, and the footage of today's auction became the third element of any future exhibition.
The project now includes evidence, proof of printer for the auction catalogue, source and plot 248, which is the actual batch number she describes the sale and value of the film . . . . . . .
The film is now always linked to the market, both as described in the film and with its participation, which gives it a lot of variety of oomph.
Siegel slides from one camera to the next at Christie's along the wall.
She was plain dressed, her brown hair pulled back, and she carefully hid under and around the lenses to avoid entering the frame.
Later, she said, "the auction has reached the level of comics these days," and their price is very high, and the media both praised and lamented (
Often in the same article)
Exciting atmosphere.
As New York recently said, contemporary art is the ultimate "luxury ".
Lost power due to any use-
For those who do not have the right education, art is esoteric and unintelligible.
On top of that, there is nothing more to gain a place among the elite than by dropping countless thousands or millions of dollars at auction.
What's more, any field that has so much wealth and so much value and is so hard to qualify is fascinating.
Still, Christie's game.
It has always known the criticism of Siegel when it was sold.
"At the same time," she explained, "I talked to two other big companies (
You can understand it as including the arch. Rival Sotheby's)
But Christie's sales executives are very interested and generous.
They know it's good for them to accept a critical degree.
However, the original film Provence, which is an art show and art auction, is about furniture. It’s a 40-
Minute movie about armchairs with no voiceover, no music, only ambient sound, this is probably the best movie you 've ever seen about chairs.
It began in the homes of rich people in New York, London, Paris and the high seas, where the yacht doors slide open as if triggered by some ghostly presence.
In an apartment in Paris, a barefoot teenager ran over a wooden chair from the stairs.
In a loft in New York, a baby plays by the table.
There is a glass elevator on the yacht (
The yacht is too big. it needs an elevator)
Open and close on a floor where you can see a separate chair, and then open and close on the floor where you can see two chairs.
This gesture is full of cold and ruthless humor.
Each scene has a fixed lens to shoot: a new moon house in Notting Hill and the Portland Rock Church, a library in Paris, outside an expensive address in New York, on the Upper East Side, A doorman was polishing brass, and in the waves of the Hamptons, the camera crossed the sand dunes and returned to a house suspended under the scenery.
In general, there is a common element: lazy, furniture-loving photos.
The camera hovers on the legs of the chair like a woman's.
Almost Fanny.
Porn, furniture is a modern piece of furniture in blocks, with arms thick enough on the chair to be a challenge for falcons.
We walked along the chair and the occasional table or sofa to a scene very much like Christie's.
Here again, the breath-taking exchange I 've just witnessed.
People stroll, sigh and nod on the auction preview.
Two men, with leather shoes and leather satay, tweed jackets, sweaters and messy hair-all add up to an expression that I call European intellectuals, it's like the one in the birsanio novel-around a set of chairs.
Next, a woman in shining high boots walked past and crossed her arms.
At the same time, in the auction on the screen, prices are also rising in a straight line, usually as high as art in London.
From there, the chair was brought into the photography studio and shot on the white graffiti in the auction catalogue.
The whole business of creating value has started.
Two seats are displayed together;
A woman instructed an assistant to move a small part.
The shutter clicking, I was amazed at her skills and how she got out of the frame except the sound, and I knew they would look a little bit more moving.
When the furniture repairman tore the stuffing off the sofa, we slipped back again, just like gu Lu.
The air was filled with dust and rotten interiors.
Once again, the scene moves onto huge containers across the ocean, and moves back and forth to the foothills of the Himalayas.
Here we come to Chandigarh, India, where monkeys scramble to climb up the front of the concrete modern building.
On the contrary, we are on the road of the chairman.
In Chandigarh's library, if we believe where the auction price comes from, these are worth millions of dollars and they are broken and exposed to elements.
Access of cameras to government offices;
The bureaucrats talked over the phone and the new work chairs and compartments were still covered in plastic.
You can almost smell formaldehyde.
A fluffy folder with file overflow on a unique block chair.
The table bowed under the weight of the documents.
One man lay on the roof of the building, took off his shoes and played music with his mobile phone.
Behind him is a wooden cabinet.
The film tells a variety of origins, but it depends on your understanding of who the furniture is made and why it is made.
It was designed by cobussier and his cousin Pierre jayanet and was specially designed for Chandigarh.
In the 1947 division between Pakistan and India, Punjab was divided and the capital Lahore went to Pakistan.
Nehru established Chandigarh as the new capital.
The city was built from scratch and will be modern, rational and orderly-contrary to colonial India.
The architect chose to build it.
He wants a peaceful city.
In the film, a camera stuck in a government building on his picture.
The picture is called "Le Corbusier, great architect"
Like a portrait of the Civil War, color it in bold pink.
Chandigarh, 50, aims to reflect the future, what urban planning and good architecture can bring to India.
This is giantOpen of Corb-Handstatue.
That means the gesture of peace and possibility after
The world of war, given the violence in this area of the border, the abstract hand now seems ironic.
It's tricky to just visit the capital, first at the police headquarters and then at the Secretariat for multiple identity checks.
Cameras are not allowed in government buildings (
Prevention of Terrorism
The film itself made Segal an achievement.
At the same time, guard around with machine guns.
There is a subtext here that is the failure of modernism, which believes that architecture and design can improve the world.
A building, an object, a chair, can solve tricky problems in its design, and the concept seems strange today.
The tall building and the tall building
Increasing housing projects will eliminate poverty forever, and the key is that they will eventually become slums.
Bauhaus kitchen built by Benita Koch-
Scientific Management (Like that time.
Motion research of production line)
Efforts were made to reduce women's labor and address gender inequality.
As Corb himself said in 1923, the building will provide a machine for life.
This is the "promise", and this is the name of the show on these issues in Bristol's woollfini next summer.
It may be strange to think that we once believed this.
This is a moment-
Not just one, but decades. of optimism.
We can design works of poverty, ignorance and slavery of women, and Chandigarh is the embodiment of this value.
In Corb's vision, people will gather under the open for freeform debates.
However, no one, or even a local citizen, has been able to visit it for years.
The city will be the home of the latter.
Colonizing the world, so the irony of the future is that seeing these fragments now blurred, transvestite, becomes something very, very rich in the West, a symbol of wealth.
The film is to study the power of objects and what happens when they are deprived of their environment and background.
Or, it looks like that.
But Siegel points out that the moral equation is vague at best.
Looking at the tables and shelves designed by Corbusier and Jeanneret, now filled with documents in some Kafka bureaucracy, it is clear that modernism has not made life more fashionable and easier
The only people who can escape entropy are those who have the ability to stop entropy.
The idea that people should use the same office chair after half a century is obviously naive.
This is not to say, I think, that the cubicle can make the office work. (
There is another article on the origin and social significance of the compartment).
I interviewed chair master Rolf Fehlbaum in person a few years ago.
He is the head of Vitra, both of whom produce office chairs and place them in their own museums.
He said: "with chairs, especially office chairs, they have mechanical components that can be continuously improved, so progress has been made.
You can still sit in the restaurant for an hour from 1850 and it's OK, but from 1900 you don't want to sit in the office chair. ” Indeed.
Moreover, he did not slow down in making these furniture, nor did he have a respected office furniture manufacturer like Steelcase or Herman Miller, known for working with outstanding architects and designers(
In fact, Herman Miller created the first compartment. )
Fehlbaum went on to say, "The goal is clear when the design movement begins;
The task is clear.
This is an honest contemporary product.
The authors never thought of makinganicon.
This is never our goal.
Design existed in the early days to make an honest contemporary product, but some eventually became icons.
In 40 minutes, you can see how this process happened.
Looking at it, I thought of the word "design.
"Like modernism, it slides from something useful to a state symbol that is not used.
Someone is sitting in a chair in the rich man's house.
The furniture is for decoration only.
Design has instilled value from something (
Though they are free and progressive)
Things that reduce value become luxury goods.
I started writing design because it was not art.
The design is anonymous, humble and accessible, and it seems like this when I started designing about 20 years ago.
We all have pens and cars, with a sip lid, and when you close the pen, someone shapes these things from the little feedback you get to let it hear the sound of the door closing.
It was not until the past decade that the word "design" had disappeared from its berths and its meaning.
Design is no longer a verb, "design" where I can describe how something is made.
Instead, it is synonymous with style and money.
The film shows that the process is taking place globally.
Chandigarh was designed to reflect order and progress.
They were engraved on everything they had done for the city-even the lid of the sewer.
Copied its street grid on them, one of which was even sold for more than $12,000 at the auction of the film.
Now, I am sad to lose my promise, though it may be naive.
I mean, isn't the world a better place when we are eager to improve the world?
The problem that appears to be written into the form and function of our products and buildings, in Christie's room, the black felt wall, the auctioneer said with an accent that he could not place,five thousand.
He waited, and the pause was a punctuation mark.
There is a small change, a slight rise in the word "pound", just like an invitation.
His voice, pause, and repetition are irresistible. “Thirty-eight thousand. Thirty-
8,000, 30. nine.
Fair warning at 39
This is the movie Siegel is auctioning.
Four other versions sold at her gallery this fall.
This is the last one, and somehow the ear cannot be detected and the price has risen from 39 to 42.
I don't know what to do or when to do it.
I didn't even see my hands lifted.
I'm not sure if there's a phone rep nodding his head to the auctioneer.
Or, if the person in front or on the side raises one or two fingers.
The bidding went so fast that it was impossible for her works, movies, to sell. “Forty-
2000 nowForty-
2000. ”
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