are libraries on the shelf? - room divider wall

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are libraries on the shelf?  -  room divider wall
How can a simple and practical furniture be simply ignored?
Bookcases don't get much respect
Until you realize how difficult it is to live without them.
As people rush to accept digital storage in one form or another, people will think that the days of traditional bookcases will be numbered.
But for a feature that is not ready for burial, it is wrong for people to write obituary.
While bookcases may not have books to put in, the space they make up is likely to soon be filled with things of interest and beauty to homeowners --
From souvenirs to family photos.
Ann Squires Ferguson, a senior interior designer at JC Scott Design Associates, said: "In terms of functionality, the bookcase is there . ". "Cost-
It is wise that this is a design element that provides the highest value for homeowners.
The bookcase can disappear seamlessly in the background of the room, she said, or become a design element to enhance it.
Can be customized bookcase-
Suitable for the taste and needs of the room or person.
Squires Ferguson says there can be multiple different forms of bookcases. They can be:-A window seat -
When placed under the window, the top of this low shelf acts as a seat.
Because the bookcase has a greater depth to accommodate one person, there is enough room for books on one side of the cabinet and enough space on the other side to store books. -
Room partition-
If a bookcase is completed on both sides, it can be used as a partition for the room.
It can be fixed or mobile. -Built-in wall-to-wall -
The bookcase covering the entire wall makes the most of the precious vertical space in the small room.
This is also an opportunity for the bookcase to extend to the ceiling. -Mobile -
If the low bookcase comes with casters, it can add flexibility to the layout of the room.
It can be used as a room partition and can move against the wall to get more space when the company comes. -Invisible -
The bookshelf is like a box.
If you remove the sides and the back, the rest is the shelf.
Simple bookshelves on the wall can accommodate books and other items without the need for the side or back of a typical bookshelf.
Squires Ferguson says it's always wise to avoid fashion style regardless of the shape or design of the bookcase one chooses.
Bookcases are not necessarily expensive.
Ikea's bookcase costs $129.
They come in many different styles, shapes and colors and can be equipped with doors, drawers, partitions and other accessories.
Assembly is required.
But some people are starting to avoid furniture made of compressed wood products and adhesives containing urea.
Formaldehyde Resin.
Most of these products are made of a participleboard board with veneer peel or painting media-
Density cardboard.
These products release low levels of formaldehyde smoke at new times. This so-called off-
Air leakage affects indoor air quality, which is a health concern of some consumers.
Fortunately, there are still about 20 local businessesfrom furniture-
Manufacturer of mill workers
Bookcase made of solid wood.
"First of all, there is something wonderful about using solid wood," said Squires Ferguson . ".
"Beyond that, people can even choose the wood they want to use.
"When people are aware of the environmental impact, they are already starting to stay away from the exotic --
From suspicious harvests to timber shipments to the country.
Now, there has been new developments in materials from the forest management committee --
Managed certified wood from local forests.
This is good news for businesses like woodpecker furniture and Forton, who have been producing custom wood furniture in Victoria since 1974.
"All our furniture is made of B. C.
Song, "said May magison.
The boss of a family business.
"When a lot of people find out that they don't get the chopping board, they are happy.
She said that for furniture that needs to support a lot of weight, it is important to use solid wood
Such as bookcase.
The wood is much stronger than the scrap board, reducing sagging at heavy loads.
Wood can also be punished a lot, it is easy to exceed medium
Density cardboard.
Wood can also be repaired if damaged.
"In the long run, it's cheaper to use wood because it can withstand the wear and tear of repeated movements," Margison said . ".
Her wooden bookcase can be unfinished or painted with one of the 20 stains --
The most popular recently are dark espresso and Ebony
Match other furniture or decorations.
Margison declined to give a specific price, but agreed that consumers should pay more for the furniture she produced locally.
While Squires Ferguson admits there are cheap bookcases, she defends the accessibility of locally sourced books.
"The cost of custom bookcases is much more reasonable than people expected --
They got what they needed.
"Parrais @ time colonists.
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