are hi-tech “sleep pods” the future of housing? - partition walls for home

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are hi-tech “sleep pods” the future of housing?  -  partition walls for home
Unless you are an elite in Hong Kong, a view like this is not too far from reality.
Do you think your home is not big enough?
I'm glad you didn't live in Hong Kong.
While the richest people in the country may live in luxury houses with stunning views of the city skyline, on the other hand, the conditions that those people suffer will make your narrow little studio apartment sound like
The poorest people in Hong Kong usually live in a subdivided apartment or a small "Coffin House --
They are nicknamed because of their size and the claustrophobic feeling.
The ventilation is usually very poor, the "bed" is basically just a cage stacked together, and there is almost no hygieneexistent.
For the poorest people in Hong Kong, a "cage bed" like this is a reality.
Picture: Alex Hofford/EPASource: APFor some people, their whole living space-
Bathroom, kitchen, bedroom
In a small space as small as 1. 3 square meters.
You really cook at the top of the toilet, changing a mattress for a bamboo pad or old felt is the only way to prevent bed bugs.
Now, an entrepreneur earns hundreds of billions of dollars a month from innovative new solutions.
How bad is rental life in Hong Kong?
Hong Kong is notorious for its ridiculously high housing prices.
According to the latest annual demograp International Housing Affordability Survey, China won the first place in the world's most expensive housing market.
The median household expenses are 19 times that of the pre-annual median
Tax household income, making it the highest multiple in 12 years of the survey.
Astronomical housing prices and long queues of public housing forced people into low prices.
Income housing including "Coffin House" and subdivision units.
Feel like the place you live is not spacious enough?
Try staying here.
Picture: Alex Hofford/EPASource: according to the National Census and Statistics Department, up to 200,000 people were squeezed into 88,000 subdivisions last year --
Not those who live in industrial buildings illegally.
When we say "subdivision unit", we are not referring to your average two.
Bedroom apartment.
In Hong Kong, a subdivision of the apartment includes the original
The approved apartment plan is divided into multiple sections.
This needs to be removed
The structure partition wall has great harm to the safety and hygiene of the building.
Due to the lack of windows or ventilation, and the poor drainage system, these living spaces are called "human flesh ships ".
According to the South China Morning Post, an estimated 100,000 people live in these harsh environments.
While the concept sounds outrageous, technically, because of how difficult it is to obtain authorization to inspect private property, it falls into the gray area of the law.
This means that security risks will never be controlled.
The solution to this problem is that Huang Zhiguang, the entrepreneur and landlord, pays thousands of dollars a month to make the people of Hong Kong affordable.
Raising the concept of "capsule hotel" in Japan to a new level, he created a series of single
Queen bedroom shaped into future style
Tech pods with key card access, air conditioning and blue lighting.
Imagine them as alien bunk beds if you want.
The capsule is basically hi-
Tech bunk bed, two metres long, just over a metre high.
Source: SCMPSource: In the past three months, Mr. Huang has rented 51 pods in six different apartments in the city.
He plans to rent another 1000 houses over the next year.
A typical 65 square meter can hold up to 10 capsulesApartment rice.
The capsule house is about two metres long and one. 1 metres high.
They come with mattresses, pillows, bedding, three different lights, charging device sockets and mini fire extinguishers.
There is a shared kitchen, a bathroom and a common area.
The "room" comes with three different lights and requires an electronic key to unlock it.
Source: SCMPSource: supply Mr Wong says his initial price is $ HK2500 per month ($A420)
But people on the Internet question why it's so low.
Mr. Huang has been successful in the past few months and now he has raised the price to $ HK4500 ($A756)
At least one-
Monthly accommodation, the overall profit is HK120, $000 (
Over $ A20, 000)a month.
Please note that it is still more expensive than many popular "coffin houses" in Hong Kong, but it is still more expensive than the potential --
Dangerous subdivision apartmentHi, pod-
Includes sockets for various charging devices.
Source: SCMPSource: typical tenants of supply Mr Wong are single, employed and aged between 20 and 40.
Unfortunately, this may not be able to solve the problem of slums in sub-apartments with very low incomes or new immigrants, which are usually unemployed.
"Capsule houses are popular among young people who want a sense of privacy, a comfortable bed, but don't want to spend that much money," he said . ".
Sydney ranked second in the demograp property rankings for its revenueto-house-
Prices have climbed to 12 many times. 2 from 9. 8 in 2014.
You have to wonder if we will eventually invest in hi-
Our own technology capsule
Hong Kong buyers snap up 180-square-
Luxury high rise apartment-rises.
These small homes cost more than $500,000 in some areas.
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