Architects create a Chevy Chase, Md., home that brings outside indoors - sliding partition doors

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Architects create a Chevy Chase, Md., home that brings outside indoors  -  sliding partition doors
For years, architects John Murphy and Marcy March have lived in houses they don't like.
Their house in Chevy Chase, Maryland.
, Very dark, very square, but they have been living with it since 1990 because the school is very good.
Finally, the House stopped working for them a few years ago.
"The old house is collapsing and the basement is flooded," Meditch said . ".
They decided to design a new house for the lot.
Both Meditch and Murphey can imagine a square dark house that will maximize the use of natural light and bring the outdoors indoors.
The only downside is that when they execute the project, they have to move out and rent a place nearby for two years.
Finally, 7,200-square-
Foot lot designed their new home.
"The house is shaped by the surrounding area," said Murphey, a Michigan native, whose prosperity seems to be the driving force behind the project.
"There are terraces and ways out.
"It has to adapt to the tight areas," he said . ".
Finally, three-
The flat house plus the roof is the space the couple are eager to return to after traveling for work and entertainment.
"You're in a hurry to get home," said Meditch from Indiana . ".
The two met while studying architecture at the University of Minnesota.
During the trip, architects saw designs in cities such as Rome and Berlin, from which they could see miles.
It inspires them to create a design that gives them this visibility.
The architects aim to use natural light to create a visually appealing space in a small place not far away.
"The sun is pouring in like a greenhouse," Murphey said . ".
"The placement of windows is crucial so that you don't stare at your neighbor's home.
"Their challenge is to create a" feeling of private space, not feeling surrounded ", he said ".
From the moment you found the house, you knew it would be different.
The original xy exterior has become L-
The same shape structure as the original building area.
The front of the house is decorated with bark.
The bark panels of Highland craftsmen surround the front entrance ramp leading to the house, suggesting that the House is indeed unique.
The architects said that given the plaster and tiles, it was "difficult" for them to find materials suitable for the entrance, for example, before selecting the bark siding for the curve in front of the house.
The walls bend for the second time when you climb the ramp.
It reiterates the theme of bringing the outdoors into the interior as the bark continues to enter the interior as you enter the living room and kitchen.
This material is made from recycled bark. The three-
Front and back with lower level house plus roof slopes-
Basement office 7 feet lower than the front of the house.
The main level features a combination of kitchen, dining room and living room, sliding glass doors open the living area to the inside courtyard and front of the house.
Materials such as translucent frosted glass are used in the kitchen to allow natural light to come in, but will block the view of the house next door.
Murphey says this is "to maximize the use of the sun ".
"There are windows on three sides of each room.
The glass floor in the living room allows light to flow into the lower floor.
On the second floor, there is a music room and master bedroom, which leads to a terrace and provides outdoor space and landscape.
The level invited a room in its own way with two piano and wall units to store books and other items.
This room is located behind the house and the key to the light is placed on the window near the ceiling of the room --clerestories —
This is allowed in the light, but not in the view.
"The window is very high," Murphey said . ".
"You only see the top of the tree.
"As they did in the room on the main floor, the architect chose a monochrome color scheme: lime green in the music room, white in the master bedroom and bathroom.
Downstairs, on the main level, the living area is orange and beige.
On the lower floor next to their office is an extra room with a red scheme.
The total area, including the lower floors, is 3,200 square feet.
The third floor is the space, which can be converted into two bedrooms with a sliding partition.
The resulting two spaces have been used as their current bedroom.
Adult children aged 25 and 28.
Another feature of the house is energy sustainability, with trees and vegetable gardens on the roof known as trees on the roof.
The canopy of a tree growing from the ground below surrounds the roof.
The Flowerpot on the roof is large enough to grow 20-
The Foot tree and soil are deep enough to support broccoli, broccoli and tomatoes.
Two Japanese maple trees
One red, the other Green
Provide a low canopy that protects architects from the sun as they sit on the roof.
"We are on it every day," Murphey said . ".
"You're under the canopy," Murphey said . ".
"The trees keep you away from the sun.
He preferred the roof at night, but he said: "There is always a breeze there.
"The vegetable soil bed is 14 inch deep and can hold broccoli because it requires maximum depth," said Murphey.
The flower pots of these trees are 5 feet deep, 5 feet wide and 12 feet long.
Solar panels are underground geothermal wells, and radiant heating and heat insulation can improve energy efficiency.
Solar panels meet half of the House's electrical needs.
In addition, sensors are installed on the roof, and when the temperature reaches the pre-temperature, the blinds covering the indoor doors and windows can be automatically tiltedset level.
Recycled blue jeans
Commercial sales-
Provide insulation.
An aluminum staircase with holes connects the floor.
In order to make the most of the space, the bathroom becomes a shower facility. A wood-
Grilled pizza oven and planted vanilla garden make cooking fun and practical.
The house has such a wide range of attractions that it has been featured in the annual neighborhood residence tour.
"We didn't try to match what was next door," Murphey said . ".
"It's never a problem to get in. ”
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