Architect's Clinic - sliding partition doors

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Architect\'s Clinic  -  sliding partition doors
Q: I just bought a house and would like to have a more open living/kitchen and dining arrangement.
What advice do you have or tipsA: Open-
Planning arrangements may require considerable changes to your house and it is better to hire a registered architect who will start by investigating your house and then develop a design solution.
The first thing your architect will check
Before any work starts
Is there any existing wall that supports the structure.
If these walls are to be removed to develop an area opening plan, a properly detailed support beam needs to be inserted.
The next most important detail (
Unless you are very neat)in open-
Well designed storage space-
The architect can also advise you on this.
You want a calm, tidy space, a case of providing storage, storage, and more.
If the overall width of the space allows, I recommend using a deep storage unit, ideally running the full length of a wall.
This can be done by applying the unit in the same color as the wall and using a door without a handle to design to "disappear" on the wall.
If your space does not allow a complete storage wall, try to maximize the storage space as much as possible, for example, through the ceiling
The height hidden in the window seat or part of the room divider is pressed, stored.
According to the details of the new opening-
Plan the layout, you can also consider the Middle layout
High wall or middle partition
Height bar or kitchen island, hiding the often untidy area in the kitchen outside the living area.
If your new opening
The planned space is to fit into the kitchen and you need to make sure there is proper ventilation and extraction to remove the smell as soon as possible.
A silent and powerful extractor is a must.
I suggest comparing the decibel levels on the extractor.
The more silent extractor tends to be more expensive, and if money is a problem, the extractor hidden in the kitchen unit is usually cheaper.
If the dishwasher and washing machine are part of the open device, people also need to invest in more silent equipmentplan space.
Although more wear-resistant surfaces are suitable for family life, it is important to consider with open-
Plan your life and make sure some voices
The absorbing materials include soft carpet or wall hanging.
Publicly selected furniture
Planning space needs to be adjusted appropriately-
Bigger sofa or corner sofa is better than twoseater.
Try to define different areas in open-
Planning space through L-wait furniture
By clever design devices such as partial walls, open shelves, carpets, horizontal changes and floor finishes, or by shaping the sofa.
Try spending some money on lighting to give you more flexibility in use
This is an area that can really improve the quality of life and is often overlooked/underresourced.
I also recommend using calm uniform wall colors and floors outdoors
Planning the area, interested in the color of soft furniture.
According to your future needs, you may think that you have a half. open-
Planning arrangements.
I am a huge fan of the large sliding doors that disappear on the walls, allowing you to split the open space into a variety of arrangements.
Try to keep a smaller room if space allows
Except for the open-plan area -
Whether it's a TV or a quiet room or a home office.
A large utility space has also increased the success of opening up.
Planning arrangements.
There is a lot to consider, but the main key to successful opening is --
Plan your life to meet your needs, which may change as your lifestyle changes.
We can help you to send the problem to you by email.
Advice provided is for guidance only and readers are advised to seek professional assistance for any proposed project.
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